What wool do you use? 

I use a super soft, and hypoallergenic Merino wool (which I firmly believe is the worlds greatest material, you can see why here) The wool has been washed and carded so it's lovely, clean and cozy by the time it gets to me. Then, I treat it myself by hand to make each piece as durable as possible whilst keeping it's amazing, natural tactility.  


What needles do you use? 

For the blankets I use 40mm Knitting needles which are available here. I had mine specially made when I first started as there was nothing that size available. For the footstools and cushions, I use large wooden needles that were hand-made for me. As you can imagine, it gets very heavy as each throw gets going. Forget the gym - Knitting is the new workout!   


How long does each throw take you?

Excluding drying time, a small throw takes approximately 1 day and a large throw about 2 days.


Can you wash your products?

Please see the Care Instructions for full care details but, essentially, spot clean any spills and dry clean only when necessary.  


Do you do other colours and sizes?

Yes! I can get my hands on over 100 colours and as every item is hand made by me or my small team I can easily make other sizes. You can check out the Bespoke section for more info. 


Do you sell the wool?

I now sell 'Knit Kits' which is the wool, needles and pattern for you to knit your own throw! At the moment there's only an 'experienced knitter' kit (you only need to know the basics) but i'm working on a kit for beginners.


How much wool do I need to make a blanket?

It depends entirely on how big you want your blanket to be, as a rough guide it works out at 0.5 square meters per kg (when using the Giant Knitting Needles) The calculation to do it - 

Width of blanket (in meters) x Length of blanket (in meters) = square meterage of your blanket / 0.5 = kg of yarn required. i.e 1(m) x 1.5(m) = 1.5... 1.5/0.5 = 3 so I'd need 3kg. 

Theres a guide on the right hand side to help you work it out and if you want a hand just drop me an email with the approximate dimensions you'd like and I'll happily assist.