Striped Christmas Stocking


Striped Christmas Stocking

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This chunky knit red and white striped Christmas stocking is a beautiful updated twist on it's classic white counterpart that was so popular last year.

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Nothing says festive like a Christmas stocking and this beautiful Red and White Striped Stocking mixes traditional and modern styles perfectly.

Hand knit on chunky needles from my studio in Devon each stocking is made with gorgeously soft merino wool, shaped as it's knit to create the 'foot' space (for more presents) and finished with a rustic brown leather strap.

The leather strap enables you to hang it on the banister, mantel or bedpost easily and fill it with presents ready for Christmas Morning. An annual tradition for your family, it's ideal as a special stocking for children to grow up with or for grown ups to have a stylish and cosy Christmas decoration.

Available in 2 sizes -

Small - Approximately 70cm long (measured diagonally from top of strap to bottom of toe)

Large - Approximately 95cm long (measured diagonally from top of strap to bottom of toe)

Stocking - Handknit in 100% Merino wool

Strap - 100% leather

Care: Each Item is hand made and processed to help bond the fibers for quality and to increase the lifespan of the product. Items that are made using unspun wool are not intended to be for heavy use but for more decorative purposed. Pilling may occur with use, pilling is not a defect it's simply a natural result of friction and can be cut or shaved off.

Spot clean any spills and dry clean when necessary.