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Free Crown Pattern

Lauren Aston
29 August 2018

Hello friends

Sorry for the radio silence last week, turns out the operation really knocked me for 6 and even writing felt like too much effort. It’s still a little tricky and long winded (I’ve tried the dictation thing, but you still have to check it so much it basically takes the same amount of time) the good news for you is that it means I’ll waffle on less. 😉

* disclaimer – I have used the dictation this week so please forgive any random mistakes. It doesn’t seem too familiar with knitting terminology, and there might be a few random “Harry”‘s in there when I’ve told the dog off for licking himself too much (honestly, it’s beyond obsessive)

What I’ve got for you this week

Luckily I managed to pull my finger out and finally wrote up the pattern for the chunky knit crown, so I thought that could be my gift to you this week. I absolutely love this pattern, it’s so quick and easy if I could knit with one hand I’d be making them constantly. Also, if you have any leftover Super Chunky LAD Yarn from another project, then it’s very likely that you’ll have enough to make this crown as it only uses 40g of yarn. I love the idea of you making your cardigans then whipping up a matching crown with the leftovers!

The knitty-gritty

It’s a brilliant pattern for beginners as well as advanced knitters. Using just a small amount of yarn, in less than half an hour you can knock up this chunky knit crown with just basic knit stitch and a few simple shaping stitches. For any beginners looking to make it, instructions on how to knit are included in the pattern and the shaping instructions can be found on my Knitting Knowledge page. It’s honestly very simple and I doubt you’ll have any problems managing it.

The pattern has options for different sizes so you can make them to fit children, adults, or even your dog!

Get kitted out

I know that lots of you love a Knit Kit so rest assured I’m working on a Crown Kit as we speak. If you don’t yet have the needles and yarn fear not, it won’t be long until it’s available as an affordable knit kit in any colour (hurry up Aston!)

Join the club

You may remember I wrote a blog post about the Facebook Group I created for customers who’ve bought products from my DIY range. It’s a great place to find inspiration, ask questions and chat to lovely like-minded knitters. Once you’ve downloaded the pattern your more than welcome to join the online knitting club.

 Oh Harry <3 Oh Harry <3

Get your pattern

Click the button below to get your free chunky knit crown pattern, in exchange I’m asking for your email address, this will sign you up to my mailing list but fear not, I promise I won’t spam you with loads of emails – in fact I’m more likely to forget to send them entirely (I think i’ve managed 4 this year, not quite hitting my monthly goal *facepalm*) anyway click the button below to claim the pattern…

I really hope you enjoy making and wearing your crown. If you download a pattern and knit one up, I would love to see photos of your work in progress or finished article if you’re happy to share (because I live for your photos knitting up my patterns, it makes me so happy)

Thank you so much,

Speak soon, L x

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