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Visit Our Knitting Studio!

Lauren Aston
2 November 2022

Hello Pals!

I’m so excited for this weeks blog, I’ve been bursting to tell you what we have planned…

Save the date – 19th November 2022, because LAD HQ is open for visitors! We’re opening the doors of our Devon Knitting Studio and we would absolutely LOVE for you to come visit, shop and knit with us. I really hope you can make it as I’d love to see you and show you around our studio before we move out.. 💣🐚

We’ve found a new studio that we’ll hopefully be moving into in the new year and (BIG NEWS: It’ll be open as a retail space!) we aren’t sure on the final details yet but fear not, I’ll keep you in the loop! So while we’re absolutely looking forward to a fresh start (and not tripping over ourselves, each other, stock & cables) we’ll be très triste to say goodbye to The Old Ticket Office. We wanted to give it a beautiful send off and invite you through the doors one last time.


What’s the plan?

So, we’ll be here from 10am-4pm ready to welcome you and talk your ears off, we’ll have a spread of refreshments available for all (like I’d invite you round and not offer snacks!) You can have a nose round, do any shopping you fancy, chill out with us for a good gossip and if there’s time some – more knitting. Children are or course welcome and we’ll have some designated yarn and needles out for anyone who wants to give knitting a bash.

At the end of the day we’ll close the doors on our open day and be holding a space for our Knitting Club (more info below) which is a ticketed event with lots more snacks.

Goodie Bags

In true LAD tradition we’ll have a limited number of Goodie Bags ready to dish out, we’re currently working on them and they are fab-u-lous, so far they’re worth £50 and we’re trying to stop ourselves just putting more stuff in haha! We’ll share a secret code on social media before the big day and the first people who say the code to us when they come in will get the goodie bags (we like to make sure you’re paying attention ;p)

Shopping at LAD HQ

We’ll have all the usual knit kits, yarns, patterns and tools available plus lots of ready made products, some limited edition colours, cushions and other treats. We’ll have a (for want of a classier name…) a Bargain Bucket (sadly not filled with fried chicken) and a number of one-off products. You can pay on the day with  card (we will be able to take cash payments but only for the correct amount as won’t have change.)

Finding Us

Since we’re based at a train station that really is the easiest way of getting to us, Topsham Station is on the Exeter to Exmouth line. The 57 Bus comes to Topsham (hop off at The Nelson) and the T bus drops you directly outside out door (although isn’t as frequent). There’s also parking available in Topsham (on the road and a number of carparks, you can pay on the Ringo App.) Topsham is a beautiful town to have a wander around and a spot of lunch so well worth a visit.

Our Address is: Lauren Aston Designs Ltd, The Old Ticket Office, Holman Way, Topsham, Exeter, Devon, EX3 0EN.

Knitting Club

Following on from the Open Day we’ll also be hosting another one of our GORGEOUS ‘Knits and Giggles’ Knitting evenings. The Open Day will end at 4pm, we’ll have a quick rest and refresh the refreshments and then open the doors at 5pm exclusively for our knitting club pals. Tickets are available here and everyone (of any knitting ability) is totally welcome. Please don’t worry if you are coming alone, we will make you feel so welcome you won’t be lonely. I’ve previously done a blog about what you can expect at our knitting nights so I’ll link it here in case it’s helpful. It’s always such a lovely space surrounded by likeminded people. Spaces are limited so please do book in advance if you want to join us 😀

Hope to see you there!

I think that’s all the information I have for now, if I’ve missed anything let me know, otherwise I’ll just be here ordering Gin by the gallon.

Gosh I SERIOUSLY hope you can make it and come and visit our knitting studio, if you’re not based in Devon then fingers crossed that’s a good weekend for you to have a holiday.

Anyway, bye for now, speak sooooon!

Take Care,

L x


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