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Hello lovelies! I was scrolling through my photos thinking about todays post and noticed how many include my headphones and so I think we should have a quick chat about my love (obsession) with Sudio wireless earphones. I've never really be huge on earphones, more of a 'blast it loud around the house' kinda gal but since discovering Sudio's selection of ear and headphones, I basically live in them. 


I started my collection with their adorable little Vasa BLA in black and rose gold where I discovered the joys of wireless earphones and the fun that brings with it, namely dancing around the kitchen or working and knitting without getting caught in the cables ...or walking away from my desk and dragging my phone off it with me, so it clatters to the floor and pulls the ends out my ears...that's not just clumsy me is it?! I always felt so tethered and it just got in the way but now I'm a full on convert! Bluetooth all the way please.


I then got a pair of Regent headphones in black when they were released and I now shamelessly travel around feeling super cool with my big ol' headphones on. (although I quickly discovered that I need to put my hair in a high bun otherwise I look pretty ridiculous!) The sound quality is brilliant and they are super comfy so easy to wear for hours at a time if you're on a train journey. 


I finally caved this week and also got a white and gold pair to be one of the cool girls (they have everything in white and gold don't they, the cool girls.) so now I can match them to my mood, music and outfit. Personally I think the white ones are perfect for the gym and black are for travelling and day to day but either way I feel good in them and enjoy wearing them, particularly singing at the top of my voice when I'm home alone.

Studio Regent

Also I think we should just mention the marble caps... How could we not? I didn't know headphones could be so pretty but just loooook at them! If I could find that emoji with the heart eye's i'd use it here, a lot.

Sudio Headphones

Anyway, from my addiction good things come, the lovely team at Sudio have given me a discount code to share with you all, so if you'd like 15% off any of their range (and the caps, don't forget the caps!) then just head over to their website and use the code below at the checkout. They are also currently offering a marble design phone case with all orders so get in there and come dance around like a lunatic with me! 

15% off Sudio Sweden with code:


Thanks for stopping by! speak soooooon! 

L x

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