Lauren Aston Designs Tag Talk

I recently popped over to the fabulous Not on the High Street HQ in Richmond and gave a #Tag Talk. 

Tag talks are presentations by partners to give NOTHS an insight into how some of our small businesses came to be and how they run now. Ever since, people have been asking me what I spoke about so I thought I'd pop the slides onto a blog post and let you take a look (should you be interested!).

It's a quick look at my life before Lauren Aston Designs and the journey to get there as well as an illustration of some of the work involved with each product. Theres also a little sneak peek of some new lines comimg out soon and a summery of my aims for the future. The talk lasted about 20 minutes and was to approximately 50 members of the NOTHS team but fear not, the picture show will be much quicker! 

Here's my business in a nut shell....

I hope it made some sense! 

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Take Care,

L x