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If you managed to tune in last week you will have been introduced to the sparkly new Rectangular Cushion and probably noticed this weeks featured product peeking through! I decided to spread out the introductions for maximum effect (I know, the tension is palpable!) 

So this week, please allow me to introduce to you *drum roll please* the very aptly named 'Large Square Cushion'!! 

These bad boys are a hefty 1.5kg and measure a wonderful 23" x 23" so look fabulous taking up some space on the sofa or bed. They are currently available in Blush Mink, Powder Blue and Pewter Brown for £90 each. As you'll probably know already, as everything is made by hand they can be made in other colours but the closer we get the Christmas the less colour commissions I'm taking on in order to preserve both standards and sanity. So if you're after any other colours please let me know within the next week or so to guarantee receiving it before Christmas. 

The stock colours that are available have been selected as subtle statements to work with most colour palettes. The size of both the cushions and the stitches is impactful already so the colours are then designed to blend softly with most colour schemes. However if you prefer a bolder statement, these large cushions made in bright pink or mustard for example would look rather flipping wonderful! The choice is yours depending on what you want them to say. 

As with the rectangular cushions these are each hand knitted on my rather large needles and then hand processed to partially felt the wool and make it as durable as possible. This really is the secret to creating a quality product rather than just knitting up some big wool. Each cushion is hand sewn together around the duck feather inner and matching coloured lining. 

As with all woollen products these lovely cushions may pill with heavy use so they are designed to be decorative rather than used and abused. I always imagine a nice, expensive woollen jumper or cardigan. The one you save for best rather than wearing it day in day out because you know it will wear in time; but the beauty with it being a cushion rather than a jumper is that you can look at it all the time rather than hiding it away in a wardrobe! 

This lovely cushions are available to purchase on my website in stock colours (you can click here to visit them) or feel free to email me if you're interested in other colour. I really do hope you like them! Also thank you for the lovely comments last week about the rectangular cushions - I'm thrilled! Your comments are always welcome and read with a gleeful smile, both on my blog and over on social media.

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L x

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