The Perfect Christmas Gift

I’ve never quite understood why a gift card gets such a bad rap. Why oh why isn’t it considered a good gift? Why do we need to go into the shop and physically choose something for someone if we’re not sure that they’d actually like it, just to show that we’re thoughtful people? Surely the more thoughtful alternative is a gift voucher. A gift voucher says – I went to this nice shop, I saw nice things in it, but I thought that you’d probably enjoy choosing something yourself rather than returning whatever I’ve bought for you because it’s the wrong size/doesn’t suit the living room/is hideous.

As you may be able to tell -I love gift vouchers. They are like free money, but better than money because you HAVE to spend them on ‘stuff for you’ rather than the heating bill or the tiles you need to replace in the bathroom. A gift Voucher is a treat that allows you to go out and buy something you like, from a shop you like (assuming it’s a well thought out gift voucher of course and not just Asda) and get 100% enjoyment out of it because you don’t feel guilty about spending instead of saving! In many ways it’s nicer than just giving a present as it includes the joy of going out/online and choosing something special.

In that vain I have decided to create my very own Lauren Aston Designs gift voucher - The thoughtful gift voucher for chucky knitted goodies! If you know someone is after a particular item then that’s wonderful but if you’re not sure what colour or stitch they’d prefer then a voucher is the answer. This way, Husbands and friends and family can say to you ‘I know you like these chunky knitted blankets, but I thought you’d enjoy choosing your own, in a colour that you like best, one that will go beautifully in whichever room you’d like to be most cosy in and pick a stitch that’s you’re favorite’.  I can’t think of a more pleasant Christmas present myself!  

My new gift vouchers come in a number of varieties, firstly there’s what it’s for – an amount or a product – ie ‘£50 to go towards anything you want’ or ‘ This is a voucher for 1x small hand knitted throw”.

And then there’s the format in which it arrives. If you have some time (ie if you order before Decomber 22nd) they can be posted to you – a lovely card with a stylish envelope, or you can receive it as a PDF to print off as and when you please (perfect for last minuters who are shopping online on Christmas eve!)

So if you’re wanted to deliver soft and chunky knitted joy this Christmas but don’t know in what form or colour to go for….fear not! I have the answer and it’s thoughtful and wonderful and hassle free all at the same time!  Now here's a special link to take you straight to the Gift Voucher page. 

And here's some artistic pictures I took of my new gift vouchers to make you ooo and ahh.... 

Thanks for reading!

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