Preparing for Christmas - Cards and Wrapping

The lovely Angie Spurgeon included my work in one of her blog posts the other day, a wonderfully cosy post about the winter woolly's that she's loving. After reading it I browsed her website (yet again) and fell in love with so many of her products that I felt compelled to share them and a few other's with you and what better excuse than Christmas?! 

With Santa's visit just around the corner, the cards are being written slowly and the occasional present purchased every now and again ready for a big night in of wrapping gifts by the fire and listening to Christmas tunes possibly with the odd mince pie. I'm yet to buy my cards or wrapping paper for this year so what a wonderful reason to research my favorites and put them all in one delightfully Christmassy place!


Here's a few of my favorite 'Christmas prep' items -

Top of my Christmas Card, Card List (that's a thing now...I just invented it) are Katy Pillinger's Father Christmas Cards. They are just up my street - beautifully drawn, with oodles of personality and humor...Oh and SANTA! Please have a mooch around her etsy shop as everything is just so wonderful.

If you're forever searching for vegetable wrapping paper then fear not, the search is over and we can all go home happy! Clara and Macy have some Carrot wrapping paper and even better it comes with tags that are frankly hilarious. Both adults and children with love them.

I'm a touch obsessed with metallic this time of year so basically anything with gold foil is a winner for me and this 'Be Merry and Bright' Christmas card by Old English Company tops my list. I love their work and recently bought a print for a friend that I love so much I want to keep. (can't tell you which one as I've not given it to her yet!) 

Angie who I mentioned at the beginning is the mastermind behind Artwork By Angie and her designs are so vibrant and happy they never cease to make me smile! I'm rather in love with her Christmas Lodges wrapping paper (seen below) as well as the wonderfully named 'Dashing through the snow' wrap!

One thing that can totally ruin a beautifully wrapped present of course is hideous cellotape covering the whole affair. Martha and Hepsie have thankfully come up with a solution to this in the form of Christmas Sprout tape. Need I say more? (they also have a wonderful collection of other exciting and vivid tapes & gift wrap along with brilliant gift ideas)

For a bit of glamour I'm opting for Sophia Victoria Joy's gorgeous Chevron wrapping paper and dressing it with some beautiful ribbons of all different colours & sparkle. *happy sign* The chevron is available in a whole host of colours so you can go for whatever you fancy! 

Fellow Devonshire designer Alice Perry offers such a special collection of Christmas cards it's hard to pick just one but i've gone for the Penguins Happy Christmas  available on her Not on the High Street Store. Just *how* stunning is this?

And on a final note, sticking with the penguin theme (who doesn't love a penguin?!) is Julia Davey's Emperor Penguin Christmas Wrapping paper. I've always been a huge fan of Julia's ceramics and now she has a stationary range too I can hardly contain myself!

I hope you are feeling more festive and excited for your Christmas prep, and hopefully some of you will be sending the same cards and wrapping up presents in the same paper as me! 

L x