Newness in the squidy form of Rectangular cushions!

Hoorah! The new cushions are now LIVE on the website and I thought i'd share them with you first.

There are two new shapes and a few new colours in there too *hubba hubba*. I will discuss one this week and you'll have to hold your breath (or check the website...or see the pictures below) to see the other - just to keep the excitement alive! So without further ado may I introduce you to the very imaginatively named ..... Rectangular Cushion! *fan fair belts out*

(Behind the scenes note: I did consider calling it something else but at that stage the simple, descriptive 'rectangular cushion' had grown on me so it actually was a conscious decision.)

The Rectangular cushions are currently available in White (£65), Damson (£70) and Granite (£70). As everything is hand made they can, of course be made in other colours but please do put a note in your diaries - if you're after any in different colours before Christmas I'm not taking colour commission orders after next week so as of Mid November it's those three colours or a gift voucher.

I'm rather proud of these, they are a fabulous shape (if I may say so myself?) and they look SO LUSH on a bed with your big square cushions on either side behind them. The colours are nice for a bit of a bold statement without being too overwhelming so in theory there should be a colour that works with any colour scheme.

Each one is hand knitted on my big needles (pictured below) and hand processed to partially felt it and make it as durable as possible. They are all lined with a matching colour lining - this hardly gets seen but if its left with a white background occasionally it shows through and doesn't look nearly as good. 

Lauren Aston Designs Needles

As will all woollen products, these lovely cushions may pill with heavy use so they are designed to be decorative and not used and abused. 

I hope you love them as much as I do!

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Speak soon,

L x