The Christmas Check List

Well, It's nearly time. Santa is stuffing his sacks full of presents for the good children and we're preparing pudding for all the festive feasts we're about to enjoy and putting the final flourishes onto the gifts under the tree. (Assuming you've actually started your Christmas shopping this is)

So what else is there?! Not a lot thankfully, but seeing as my motivation in life is driven purely by ticking off to do lists I figured i'd jot a quick one down for the final preparation before Christmas....

Lauren Aston Designs Santa Hat

- Have you knitted a Santa hat with the sole purpose of taking a photo of it for this blog post?...that one may only be relevant for me...  

-Have you sorted Christmas dinner? (not being a chef in any way shape or form, this one bullet point is the extent of my Christmas dinner checklist, if you're after a helpful 'veg prep' list then i'm guessing Jamie's your guy, cuz I'm not your girl for that I'm afraid)

- Are all the cards written and sent?

- Have you bought your copy of the Radio Times and circled everything you MUST watch?

- Have you then set the worthy TV programs to record (Strictly, Downton, Call the Midwife, Doctor Who, Sherlock...Whatever floats your boat!) because you'll probably be too busy/drunk to remember to watch them.

- Is your Christmas Spotify playlist in order? (or highly extensive catalog of Christmas CD's in the CD player)

- Are you filled with festive cheer? (I believe that's another way of saying are you drunk on Mulled wine...)

- Have you wrapped spare presents for random friends who 'drop by with a little something' (I find chocolate is preferable as if it's not been dished out by January 4th you can eat it all yourself)

- Make sure your Christmas Day outfit is clean, pressed and looking spiffy. Does it need any more tinsel?

- Are your stretchy trousers or onsie for post dinner melt cleaned, pressed and looking spiffy?

- Do you have presents for EVERYONE?! (Downloadable gift vouchers are a lifesaver!) 

- In the very unlikely event of a snowstorm do you have enough pigs in blankets and pudding to survive?

- Hoards of board game? - My recommendations being: Articulate, Cranium, Monopoly and my ultimate fave being Cards Against Humanity - there's a worrying insight into my personality!

- Do you have your Festive Hat on? (literal or metaphorical)

- Got booze, and lots of it?

- Is the transportation organized for when said booze is consumed?

That's everything you need! Have a wonderful Christmas and on a serious note, of course the food and the presents don't really matter, what matters is that you have a wonderful time surrounded by the people you love. Be Safe, Eat well and enjoy!

Merry Christmas!

Lauren x