What we learnt in 2015

All pictures from the 2015 Lauren Aston Designs blog

All pictures from the 2015 Lauren Aston Designs blog

Did you have a lovely Christmas?!?!

I certainly hope so! And now we are sitting it that cosy limbo between Christmas and New year where you can stay in your PJ's all day, eat whatever you fancy (I had tea and chocolate for breakfast yesterday) and watch Notting Hill/Harry Potter/anything on TV to your hearts content. How bloody wonderful!

This is also the ideal time to look back at what the last year has brought us and how we can move forward and create an even better year. It's at this stage we might tell ourselves 'so 2015 wasn't all it was cracked up to be but 2016 will be amazing' or hopefully 'what an incredible year! Lets do that again!' 

However 2015 treated you, I think that by looking back to learn from your mistakes and more importantly, celebrate your successes is the way to move forward. So lets look back at what we learnt this year -


In the grander scheme of things we discovered -

- first and foremost - Donald Trump's an Arsehole.

- Madonna shouldn't wear capes.

- Politics happened and Millifans saw that their hero doesn't know how to eat a bacon sandwich. 

- When Jeremy Clarkson gets hangry, RUN!

- Somehow, we need to learn to survive without Downton Abbey

- Dentists (or anyone for that matter) should not kill lions (or other animals for that matter)

- Adele knows how to make an awesome comeback.

- and very generally - People do bad things

- and more wonderfully - People do good things


In the smaller scheme (of this blog) we discovered -

- launching a small business is incredibly hard but amazingly wonderful

- Social media has rules. Stick to them.

- You can't please everyone!

- There is a serious Art to Pricing Craft and it's tricky to get your head around

- There's a difference between copying and being inspired

- The Book Thief is a marvelous read

- It's easy to get overwhelmed so try to take action to prevent it!

- Don't go on holiday with an invalid passport.

- Wool is bloody wonderful

Of course this barely scratches the surface and in reality we crammed in an awful lot! Which leads us to the part when we look ahead and we make new years resolutions that we intend to stick to (for more than 3 days). I'm not going to attempt anything too ridiculous, like turning over £1m or giving up chocolate... I want to stick to it! So I think I'll aim to keep up my blog for another year, posting once a week and I'd also like to add 6 new products to my site by this time next year. (I already have 5 in mind so I think it's achievable as long as I can find the time to write the patterns and physically make them!)

What are your resolutions?! Don't forget that if you write them down then you're more accountable! I'll keep my eye on you! ;)

Happy New Year all! I hope you have a wonderful evening celebrating tomorrow!

L x