Country Living Fair


I returned home from the fabulous Country Living Spring Fair last night at about midnight and have basically slept all day since…it's been great! We arrived in London and navigated through central - Piccadilly and all! - arriving at the lovely Business Design Centre, ready and raring to set up. There were handsome men, ready and able to help us unload the car (always a bonus). They were brilliant at taking my many boxes and wicker baskets up 3 flights of stairs, where we set the table up ready for the following day. 

We arrived bright an early with take-away tea cups in hand and listened to an insightful talk by Dan Cooper the Seasonal Buyer for John Lewis (what an amazing job!) He then took the time to come round each stand at the Pop up Market (where there were 30 of us new business owners stood with our knees knocking) to give feedback on our products and brands. 

The show then opened at 10am, with everyone flooding in to see what we had for them! As you can imagine it was very exciting and nerve-wracking for us newbies. The day then disappeared in a blur of sales, talks, workshops, conversation and knitting banter! At 6pm it was lights out in the main hall and break down (of the stands not the makers) of the Pop up Market, followed by a 4 hour journey back home for us Devon girls waving goodbye to the big city (one too many times as the sat nav sent us the wrong direction back into hammersmith) 

All in all it was a fantastic day and I met some amazing, talented people. My glamorous assistant and wonderful friend Vanessa was an absolute star - everyone should have a friend like her! She kept me calm and confident and I owe her a HUGE bottle of wine…no, a vineyard, for the trouble she went to and the aches and pains she must be feeling today! 

Have a lovely evening folks! 

Lauren x


Me hiding behind my table before the day began!