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So, last week Katrina from Qtique tagged me to do the '20 things about me' blog post. She made the brilliantly insightful observation that, in this crazy online world we allow ourselves to indulge in, we meet other like minded people. We make friends, we chat, we help each other out, and while that is amazing; a lot of the time we forget to actually talk on a human level. We seem to not exist outside our businesses to one another, even though we consider each other great friends! When you think about it, it's quite a strange set up really! (Katrina put it far more eloquently than I did)  

Which bring us to this post. Katrina tagged me and 2 others to share 20 things about ourselves, (Not our businesses) that people may not know about us. And once i'm done I will tag 3 other people who's personal lives I want to nose at in greater detail! If you don't care about my obsession with Harry Potter, I will warn you now, this one isn't for you! Otherwise I hope you enjoy it... 



20 things about me:

1. I feel it's only right to start with the same point as Katrina, one that cements our friendship and that I've already touched on - I LOVE Harry Potter! So so badly. If you haven't read the books or seen the films then it will effect our friendship slightly, and I WILL be quoting from it. 

2. I'm an only child (or as I used to say a 'lonely child' ... I wasn't, I just thought that's what it was called) 

3. It would be an understatement to say I'm a 'bit of a TV addict' (comedy - modern family/friends, drama - the good wife, chick flick -mean girls)

4. On that note - The other day I 'shamed' someone with an exaggerated point and elongated 'shaaaaaame' (ref Mitchell from modern family)  

5. Everytime Ellie Goulding comes on the radio I want to punch her in the face a little bit.

6. My gorgeous boyfriend is an air traffic controller so you can be damn sure I know my Nato-alphabet by heart, and can spot the difference between an Airbus and a Boeing should you ever need to know! 

7. I love a good book. The Book Thief is my all time favourite. I read each night when I go to bed, and have done for as long as I can remember; in spite of this I am an atrocious (thanks autocorrect!) speller and, have, no, idea, how to work, grammar! I was taught but ....

8. I have a terrible memory. Everything needs to be written down, reminders and alerts are constantly ringing.

9. I swear like an absolute trooper. 

10. I am a feminist and proud of it. Nothing (other than Ellie Goulding) winds me up more than a woman saying she can't do something because its a 'mans job'.  

11. Despite being a little white girl my favourite album is Nikki Minaj's Pink Friday. Which I should point out, I am more than proud to rap to when I'm sober but, get a drink in me and I feel it necessary to show everyone how I know all the words, to all the songs. 

12. My other music loves are Beyoncé (although I do think she sends very mixed messages…but thats for another blog post) Taylor swift, Ed Sheeran, The Lumineers, and my current absolute fav at the moment is Iggo Azalea and Jennifer Hudson 'trouble'. I should also point out that my BBF Leanne and I do the most *Amazing* rendition of Celine Dion & Barbra Streisand "Tell Him" (I'm Barb). 

13. Im such a fussy eater, basically I don't like anything that's good for me or anything from the sea.

14. Even though I don't like eating fish I like drawings + artwork of them. 

15. At shows, children put the fear of God into me! How do you tell someone else's child to 'step away from the knit!'  

16. I can't handle awkward silences and end up chattering on like some total crazy person then regret it afterwards.

17. Every time I eat chicken I think it's going to kill me. And you best believe that chopping board gets scrubbed like theres no tomorrow. (Which there may not be…every time I eat chicken)

18. I don't get the whole 'going-out-and-getting-totally-off-your-face' thing. I'd rather a meal with friends, a glass of wine and a good chinwag. Oh, and bed by 10pm. 

19. The scariest thing I've ever done was the zip wire, down the olympic ski jump in Calgary. It is HIIIIGH! (You can reach up to 120kmph!) - I've posted an Image below of our view from the top.

20. I don't like sloppy, lovey things. I'm much more of a humour person than a lovey dovey person, but I will say I think I truly do have the best collection of friends. Old, new, in person and online. I suppose number 20 should really be the fact that i've only recently discovered how great people, as a collective are. Until now I've been under the impression that people generally suck, you watch the news and you hear the gossip and it's kind of a downer. But, when you launch a business, something great happens - If you get involved and give to people, your time, your thoughts, your opinions on what they're doing; you 110% get it back. So yes, my number 20 is that I now know people are bloody great, and I feel most pleased about it. 

So thats me folks! It went by all so quickly I didn't even fit in that I'm an obsessive tea drinker and a serious chatter box, although I imagine you picked up on that! I hope you read it with a pinch of salt and a sense of humour and enjoyed it.

I now tag Helen from Kindred Rose who hosts the Creative Women networking group that I love so dearly. Rachael from Grace and Favour Home who makes the most gorgeous personalised products as well as many, many other things (and who doesn't yet have a blog, so this will be a big kick up the backside for her). And finally Devon who is the European ambassador for Websters Chalk Paint Power, because we know how great the chalk paint power is, but not enough people know how great she is yet!    

Until next time…

Lauren x 

Zip line in Canada. Scariest thing I've ever done but I'm so pleased I did it! #nailedit!

Zip line in Canada. Scariest thing I've ever done but I'm so pleased I did it! #nailedit!