What do I know?


Lately i've been hearing all about the importance of blogging and how vital it is for a business. Each time I sit there and I think 'but who wants to read my whittering on about nothing?!' and more importantly 'What would I possibly whitter on about?!' So I took a long hard look in the mirror (metaphorically that is) and thought to myself 'what do I KNOW?' It hit me that I know a lot of quotes from films, but that wouldn't make for a very exciting blog post… unless it was like a quiz?! (Mental note - make movie quotes quiz for later blog post)

What you know is what you've learnt isn't it? I learnt nothing of use in school; my Degree in Knitwear didn't even teach hand knitting, my nan did. So schools out. I'm certainly no make up or hair genius so I shan't be the next Zoella (even though I'd really like the free stuff). Then I realised that the stuff I really know is what i've learnt in the last few months. These have been the lessons that have been the most poignant and have, with any luck, shaped a future for me that I could only have dreamt of. I don't mean to get carried away there, I'm not imagining moving into my mansion next month, sipping champagne, knitting throws for the queen. I just mean that I never thought I could actually do the thing I wanted to do, and in that regard it's a dream come true! As the saying goes - Do what you love and you'll never work another day in your life. How true!


So, as I'm doing what I love, I am going to write about it. I'm not intending it to be a Dear Diary moment but more of a scrap book full of charmingly beautiful pictures, links to some of the amazing makers i've met so far, info about my product range and how each item came to be (it isn't all as pretty as my instagram feed may suggest - it took a lot of figuring out) and most importantly, what I hope will be useful information gleaned from the lessons i've learnt on this journey.

So really i've cheated already, this was a blog post about future blog posts. I wonder if this one even counts…? But there you have it, a forewarning that this blog will be updated weekly (i'm thinking wednesday evenings are a nice time for a bit of blog reading)  and I hope you join me along the way. I pinky promise to make it as interesting as I possibly can. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know if I'm boring you at any stage and i'll up my game ;)

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