Mollie Makes (me happy)

Life is sweet at the moment and last Thursday was one of those great days where all the hard work epitomises in one day of marvellousness and celebration... It was the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards! Somehow to my great amazement I was shortlisted in the Start Up Award category (I mean, I did apply so I suppose I shouldn't have been quite as surprised as I was but still…ME?!) and so my trusty 'associate' (Devon from Websters Chalk Paint Powder) and I hopped on a train with as many chunky knits as we could physically manage. We headed to The Proud Archivist  which was a truly wonderful venue, and crafting ensued! Here is my little diary of the day, I hope you enjoy it...


Thursday 11th June 2015

5am - holy *four-letter-word* this is early 

6am - packing the car, why is there another human being out and about at this hour?! Collect Devon - wow she seems so awake; It must be because she's American.

7am - Settled in nicely on train making great use of the footstool. 

8am - train talk.

9am - Hello Paddington! 

10am - well that was interesting, I hope I managed to apologise to all the people I bashed into with my bag & wheeled over with my case. Oh look we arrived in perfect time!

11am - Photowalk around Haggerston with Xanthe Berkeley who managed to take amazing pictures of normal & 'boring' things…how does she do that? 

12am - Time for my judging panel! There's so many of them! Try to remember everything interesting and dear god don't swear! Stand up straight and do yourself justice.

1pm - Must make notes of everything the judges said, helpful suggestions and advice, and so pleased they were all smiling and friendly! 

2pm - Pinterest 101 Talk, AMAZING, so many things I didn't know. So its not a social media platform its a 'visual discovery tool'…so true now I think about it. Must write it all down to blog about later! 

3pm - Proper chance to chat with all the other shortlisters. Although it seems obvious I can't quite believe how different everyone it. Creatives all get boxed into this 'arty farty' category but when you look at everyone in this room we are all SO different, in style, in method, and in discipline; yet we are all connected by this creative thread and that is so wonderful. Oh look at this little crochet brooch I can make. 

4pm -  Crafternoon Cabaret, I love an embroidery hoop; channel Marna Lunt and nail it Aston! 

5pm - Wow, and I think i'm crafty? my embroidery hoop SUCKS! Marna need not worry, I won't be quitting the day job! 

6pm - Awards presentation and prosecco, Huge congratulations to the wonderful winners! Pass a glass my way!

7pm - Yo Sushi at Paddington, shockingly disappointing but we've had too nice a day to care.

8pm - Attempt to get on the train causing as little disturbance and damage as possible with the biggest bags anyone has ever carried. 

9pm - train

10pm - train

11pm - get off the train! 

12am - Cup of tea in BED! oh sweet bed I love you. 

So that is THAT. Mollie Makes you were wonderful! I think I am still recovering from the excitement. I'm so pleased to have made it onto the shortlist and can't thank you enough for having me and hosting such a fantastic day; this blog doesn't really do it justice as there was so much going on and such wonderful people I had to cut it right down just to cover the basics and show how full and busy the day was, but to Lara, Helena, Karen, Jessica and all the rest of the team… THANK YOU! 

On a slight side note (it's my blog so I can do what I want!) I would like to mention that last Thursday wasn't just important for me; it was a big day in our little house. My lovely chap had his validation to become a radar controller (like the Mollie Makes Awards of Air Traffic Control; but for life) the same day. I must admit it was hard not being with him to celebrate on the day (don't worry too much - we got plenty of champers in at the weekend) but I wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to that clever man. He totally nailed it and I could't be more proud!

Thanks a bunch! 

On the tube!

On the tube!

I'd like to speak to the person who printed the badges please….It seems theres been a mistake.

I'd like to speak to the person who printed the badges please….It seems theres been a mistake.