Product Profile: Panel Cushion

I decided to do a selection of blog posts about products that I make with the aim of showing the love and care that goes into each piece. What I won't be talking about is the time it took me to figure it all out and make a pattern to fit perfectly - these are kind of the perfected profile versions. It's not a how-to its more of a visual diary of the process so you can see why they are so very special. If you are after some How-To's I will be doing some soon so watch this space, but in the mean time these are the stories of my products. 

I figured i'd start with my favourite Panel Cushion (the favourite part being that this particular cushion is bright pink). Each piece I make is a bit of a labour of love and as you will see in this post, the knitting is sometimes the quickest bit! Funny that, as its the knitting that makes such an impact, but its all those other little bits that make it so special. So hear goes, I hope you enjoy the sneak peek! 

It all starts with a big bump of wool (Side note - Dear friends, No i'm sorry I do not sell the wool or the patterns, If that ever changes I will be sure to let you know.) For the cushions and a few other products I split the wool in half so that its not too chunky. This is quite an awkward process (to say the least), as it has a tendency to twist up as it goes causing all sorts of problems such as, catching on the other fluffy wool that has yet to be split and pulling that into an ugly mess. The more it twists the more time consuming, but luckily i've managed to develop a nifty technique that involves standing up and using my elbow…. it is exactly as crazy and awkward as you are imagining :D 


Depending on the weather and my mood I knit up the half width wool either in my studio or in my garden on a blanket. I have to be careful where I take it as unspun wool has a habit of embedding itself into your clothes and carpet, (like it makes a difference how careful I am... it's all over the place anyway! The silver lining is that I have learnt which clothes can take it and which really can't…sorry leggings, that was my bad.) 


So with all the knitting done (and hopefully a little bit of a tan) I use my 'super secret ninja guarded' process to partially felt it and make the wool more durable and yet still soft and cosy. I then whip out the beautiful Linen fabric that I keep well stocked and just love to look at and feel. I Cut out the three pieces it requires to make an envelope cushion ...


After the Iron has straightened it all out, I then settle down at the sewing machine followed by some fun on my marvellous little overlocker to keep the edges neat and tidy.


Then to the British Duck Feather Cushions (in my head I say that just like the lady on the M&S adverts…'These aren't just any cushions…these are British, duck feather cushions, filled in England with magnificent duck feathers') 


Then the final but completely vital stage (obviously) - attaching the knitted panel to the beautiful linen case. I hand stitch each one, there would be no way of fitting the knit under a sewing machine but even if there were I think that when something is hand stitched it doesn't only add a personal touch, but an extra level of quality. I take pride in each stitch and know that I have full control (of stitches and quality) before this bright & cosy cushion goes off to its new home. 


Cue Armchair, Brick wall, & Tripod! …. And here's one I made earlier (God I love that pink so very much) They are a great pop of colour, designed for a low traffic area i.e. as a decorative throw cushion for your bed (they look so fab as a pair). Lots of love and care goes into each one and I certainly hope it shows and pays off!  


Thank you for reading! As ever you can pop you're email in the little box below to stay updated via email every wednesday when I post a new blog… or is it blog a new post…? you know what I mean! Feel free to comment or pin any picture you may enjoy! 

Big Hugs, 

Lauren x