10 mind blowing Instagram accounts to follow

Lately I've become a touch insta-obsessed, if you're on Instagram i'm sure you'll agree it's easily done! Sounds dangerous I know but an Instagram obsession isn't necessarily a bad thing. Since scrolling through this endless stream of carefully composed and dazzling images, not only have I learnt some valuable lessons (which I will share at a later date), I've made genuinely wonderful friends, found kick-ass inspiration and upped my photographic game no end! 

So I thought I'd share some of the goodness with you; these are 10 of my favourite Instagram accounts who's IG feeds I love to stalk and double tap on a regular basis (there's a sentence I wouldn't have understood 10 years ago) I hope you can find some inspiration and plenty to relish (not the condiment) in these accounts that have captivated me these last few weeks! 

(click on the pictures to head to their feeds)


Best for Inspiration & Motivation - Holly Tucker

 Holly is a founder and president of Notonthehighstreet.com her instagram is full of motivation, fun and advice (and of course fabulous thing you can purchase from Not on the High Street) 


Best for a huge Colourhug, amazing artwork & 'That Happy Feeling' - Julie Dumbarton Fine Artist  

Julie is one of the lovely people I have 'met' via Instagram. Her work is as wonderful as she is and her instagram feed will make you smile on a daily basis. I am so pleased to have found her and thrilled to now have 3 of her prints brightening up my house! 


Best for Beautiful photography & sound advice  - Qtique  

Fabulous Katrina from Qtique knows how to take a damn good photo, I want to dive into every image she takes and her blog posts are a Must-Read. They vary from Fat fridays yummy food reviews (that always leave me hungry), tales about her adorable cockapoo Lottie, and ridiculously helpful business advice. 


Best for Metallic Ceramic Love - Arrow and Sage

Arrow + Sage is the work of Anna Eaves, she makes the most stunning pottery, feeding both my metallic + mug obsession. I want to fill my house with everything she makes. 


Best for Group Activity - Its my Week

It's my week is a really fun and inspiration way of joining in the IG community. Each week they set a new theme, it could be landscapes, neutrals, doors or picture in a picture. You can translate and compose it any way you like and stick the hashtag in for a chance for them to share your images with their 34K followers. Its a great way to get motivated and helps generate plenty of ideas. 


Best for colourful Knits - Stitch and Story 

Stitch & Story is run by Jen and Jenny. Their pictures are always full of lovely bright colours and wonderful knitted textures. They sell beautiful kits and their quotes never fail to make me smile/laugh…They are all so true. 


Best for Paper Bag Storage & gorgeous photography - Tellkiddo

Tellkiddo is a stunning Swedish company that i'm totally obsessed with. The paper bags are too cute and super useful. I love every single one of them; forget toys, i'm filling them with wool. Their photography is beautiful, soft and playful too, its a pleasure to see each of their images. 


Best for Brush font and Branding - Harper Maven Design

If you are looking for stunning branding then look no further. I LOVE everything on the Harper Maven Design feed. The use of colour, style and fonts is all so well thought out its most definitely worth a browse. 


Best for Knitting Inspiration - Knitting Inspiration (funny that!) 

Knitting inspiration is a beautiful feed, even if you don't knit its full of subtle colours, thoughtful compositions and brilliant textures.  


Best for Independent Shopping - Shop Meggies 

Owned and run by the lovely Meg, this is the instagram feed of her Painswick shop. Meg spotlights the beautiful things that she sells, supporting many local makers and small businesses. She finds the most unique, stylish and humorous products, and luckily for us she has an online shop too!  


I'd also like to give a special 'shout out' to Claireabellemakes who kindly included me in her own instagram faves blog last week. It was great to see all her favourite follows and inspired me to share my own. If you have a list of your favourite feeds on Instagram and fancy doing your own blog post please of and tag me in it so I can see them all and follow away, it's always wonderful to discover new and talented people.

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Take Care and see you next week! 

L x