So, Tell Me What You Want,

What you really really want.

Yes, I just titled this post with an epic Spice Girls Lyric, talk about showing my age.

It's just a quick one this week and I'd love your involvement. I have a question for you, a totally anonymous, easy peasy tick box question about what you want to read?

Since starting my blog i've thoroughly enjoyed rambling on about whatever takes my fancy and I intend to continue on a weekly basis. I recently read somewhere that you should ask your readers what they want to read about… makes sense hey?! Then I can spend my dedicated 'blogging time' researching and writing about things that interest you! 

If you have 2 minutes please fill out the little questionnaire below and I will report back next week with my finding and a riveting article of course!


Please tick the boxes you're interested in: *


P.S. Don't forget applications for knitters and sewers to join the 'team' are still open, you can find more info at the bottom of the page by clicking on the 'knitters/sewers wanted' links. 😄 


L x