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I'm sure you'll find that during the day theres not much chance for any downtime and as much as I enjoy my days knitting away, one of my favourite times is bed time. This is partly because I love bed ( I could easily sleep for England) but mainly because I get to steal a little time reading. No matter how good or bad you're days been you can escape into another world for a little while and forget everything that's whizzing around your head, push your to-do list to the back of your mind and just witness someone else's reality whether it's fact or fiction. 

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Personally I don't enjoy cheesy romantics, far away fantasies (HP is a category of his own) or slasher horrors (I read before bed so that's just asking for trouble!) to put it simply - I love a good novel. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to books i've read and those on my list, as well as using Goodreads as a guide for future book purchases (If I pick it up i'm finishing it so it best be good!) 

Being more creative than acedemic I've never been great at analysing (although I wish I could) what draws me into a book is the tone of it. It's nothing tangible or even particularly definable, it's something to do with how it makes me feel. I love getting completely absorbed in a story and not being able to put it down. Generally it takes me months to read a book; I'm one of those 'read a line and fall asleep with the book on your face' kinda people. So when I don't automatically fall asleep after a paragraph I know it's good! And when I read the entire book in a day (it's only happened twice), I know it's 'the hunger games' (1 & 2)  

Lauren Aston Designs Blog - Books

I love talking to friends about what we're currently reading and our favourite books of all time. I'm always after recommendations and love to share my favourite books with people, that way when they read them you can chat about all your favourite parts and re-live it!

With that in mind I've compiled a list (in no particular order) of 8 of my favourite books. I'm sure I missed hundreds out but I decided to draw the line at 8.  I sincerely hope you love them! Please let me know what you thought of any that you may already have read or if, dare I say it, you pick them up on my recommendation! I'd love to know your faves too so please feel free to leave a comment and give me a new reading list for my holiday! 


Lauren Aston Must Read Books

Side Note: It goes without saying that Harry Potter is top of this list but I'll save 7 spaces and just give him an honourable mention. 


The Book Thief

Possibly my all time fave. The Book thief is such a beautifully written tale narrated by death (please don't let that put you off! It's not in a lame way). The story follows young Leisel living with her foster parents in Nazi Germany and shows the world through her eyes. My words cannot do this book justice; it is stunning, heartbreaking, humbling and happy all at the same time.  


Still Alice

A truly moving story about Alice Howland, a Harvard professor and her incredibly difficult journey battling early onset Alzheimers. You completely travel with Alice on her journey and understand her horror, her daily battle and her struggle to still be Alice. It's sobering, illuminating and well written. 


The Hunger Games  

I am sticking all three parts of this trilogy under the Hunger Games title (which is the first book, Second: Catching Fire, Third: Mockingjay) It's set in the near future and shows the divide between rich and poor. The premise sounds a bit grim (Kill or be killed) but the trilogy is ultimately touching and impossible to put down. It's written for teens but this works to my advantage as it means the gore isn't actually gory! it's not a children's book it's just a relatively easy read. However I should warn you that the third book ends in a rather...unsatisfactory manor. I'm yet to meet anyone who is happy with the ending but I'd love to know your thoughts! ... clearly i've not sold that well but it's great!


Gone Girl

The plot twists in this book are just perfection. I was so intrigued, coming up with my own theories (that were constantly wrong) and I was blown away when it all became clear. In short - Amy disappears and all clues point to her husband as the culprit. I love to discuss this book as people seem to have such black and white views on the characters. Lets just say, I think Amy is a very clever girl...


Little Women  

I doubt Little Women requires any explanation at all. Such a charming story of a poor family in the 1800's and the ups and downs they face. Although they are penniless they have each other. Its a truly touching and inspirational read.   


The Help

If you've seen the film you will no doubt understand why this book has made my list. It's set in Mississippi in 1962 "Where black maids raise white children and aren't trusted not to steal the silver". When unexpected friendship form the women involved have to rely heavily on each other for their own safety. What they face together is remarkable ...and it goes without saying, Minny and her pie are the highlight!  


To Kill a Mockingbird  

I'm so glad I didn't read this in school! With a memory like mine I've sadly forgotten most of the books I studied in school but luckily for me I only discovered To Kill a Mockingbird recently. Written through the eyes of young Scout it takes you on a journey where her lawyer father is hired to defend a black man accused of rape in 1930. Her beautifully innocent point of view shows the prejudice and unjust nature of grown ups. Such a refreshing read and I can't wait to get my hands on the 55 year sequel Go Set A Watchman. (If you've already read it let me know your thoughts!) 



I must confess I am currently half way through this book so I'm hoping it stays as wonderful as it currently is. It's based on the true story of Cheryl Strayed and her literal journey on the Pacific Crest Trail. Feeling like she'd lost everything at 26, including her sense of self, she sets off on an incredible hike without much of a plan and with zero experience (and a gigantic backpack). It's a captivating read and i'm intrigued to see how it ends.  


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I hope you will agree with at least some of my choices, I'm worried I didn't do any of them justice but if you happen to read any then you will find out for yourself how wonderful each of these books is. I can't wait to see your recommendations - I need some good holiday reading! - and hear your thoughts on these books! 

Thank you yet again for reading my waffle!

L x


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