Wimbledon in all its delicious glory

With Wimbledon in full swing us Brits can't get enough of the sunshine, the tennis and the pimms but I take advantage of this wonderful time by baking copius amouts of cake under the pretence that I'm allowed to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner because it's called Wimbledon Cake.  

Oh yes, the fabulous Mary Berry has given us a recipe for Wimbledon cake. In all her floral jacketed glory she has created a cake that is not only is it the most delicious treat you've ever tasted it's also only a measly 260 calories per huge slice (take that Victoria sponge!). Although I'm in no way a calorie counter (you could not pay me enough to put down a bucket of KFC... or even the bourbons for that matter) there is something extra special about having a treat that isn't too naughty (OK its a bit naughty)... one that won't make you obese overnight and is still delicious. It does exist! 

As the advocate for this fine cake I feel it is my duty to bring you a play by play blog post to show you how to make and enjoy it... Yes, I made a cake for this weeks blog; I love my job. One thing you should know at this point is that, although I can knit up a storm I am most definitely no Mary, Nigella or Delilah. I am one of those people who can make about 5 dishes well and everything else is burnt or undercooked (and sometimes that severely unfortunate combination of both) but this one, this one even I can do! So if I can do it, you can do it. We shall follow Mary's instructions and within 30mins we could all be eating Wimbledon cake, sipping tea and watching Murray ace his way through game, set, match! Aprons at the ready bakers…Your time starts NOW!...

Wimbledon Cake Recipe


Gather your ingredients - 

For the cake -

butter for greasing

3 eggs

3oz/90g self raising flour

3oz/90g Caster sugar

for the filling - 

300ml whipping cream  

1 punnet of strawberries  (cut and sliced)

1 passion fruit  (optional)


equipment -  

oven (preheated at 190 or 170 fan) 

2x cake tins 18"  

Electric whisk  

Parchment paper

Grease up the cake tins with your butter, add the parchment paper, grease those up some more.


With your electric whisk whizz up the eggs and sugar on a high speed until they are pale in colour and leave a trail when the whisk is taken out. (This always takes longer than I expect)


Sift in half the flour and fold it through the mixture, then do the same with the remaining flour. Pour half the mixture into each of the cake tins, it should be thick, mouse and tasty.  


Pop it in the preheated over for 20-25 mins and lick all the spoons and bowls.


Onto the filling, pour your whipping cream into a bowl and get your electric whisk to work. You're whipping until it has stiff peaks and before it turns into a lardy lump. 


When they're ready take the cakes out the oven, remove them from their tins and leave on a cooling rack until they cool down. Then spread half the whipped cream over them, sprinkle your strawberry over the top - I wouldn't bother being too careful here, just get them on. On the bottom layer, if you could be bothered to buy it, squeeze/dish out your passion fruit pulp. To be honest I normally don't have passion fruit to put on but this week, by pure coincidence I was feeling particularly exotic so had 3 in the fridge...that's just how I roll. 


Once that bits sorted squish the top layer down onto the bottom and .... Tada! Hello Wimbledon. The messier the better, It's all tasty so who cares!


There you have it. Your very own excuse to eat all the cake you want for the rest of the week. Don't forget to pop your name in the box below if you'd like to get updates on new blog posts. :D 

Happy Baking!

L x