The Sparkling Make Awards

We had such a wonderful night at the make awards last night I figured I HAD to do a post about it! In fact I've had 2 wonderful Not on the High Street themed days! On Monday I went to NOTHS house (the HQ in London) to give a presentation about my business to the Not on the High Street team. My PowerPoint presentation skills being somewhat lacking (probably due to so much time alone in my loft!) I was quite nervous but it seemed to go well enough and the team were SO friendly and kind it felt like talking to friends more than a business presentation. 

So having made some new friends (and being able to put some faces to names ...and email addresses) I donned my heels and went with my best friend & chief cheerleader Leanne to the Make awards in great anticipation. It was held at the Wallace collection, a stunning museum in Marylebone, we arrived just before 7 and waited with baited breath for them to open the gates. Of course being they had decorated in style and served the coolest food and drinks (I had some kind of elderflower cocktail with gin and what, at first glance looked like a mini full English breakfast that was actually beef, chips and quail egg...delightful!)


Everyone was in such high spirits and completely buzzing, the awards were announced (I didn't win but that's really ok - I can't believe I was even nominated! I felt like someone was going to point and say 'you there, how did you get into this private event?' whilst chasing me out, so I was just happy to be there) then we carried on eating, drinking and chatting until it was time to leave (actually we were there until later than intended but it was so brill talking to everyone we didn't want to go!) 

It was great to hear from and meet the fabulous Holly Tucker (who I insta-stalk) and the other judges, as well as to literally see the support of so many small creative businesses wishing each other well. It was such an inspiration to be in a room full of talented, kind and supportive people and was the perfect example of why I LOVE my 'job'. Huge congratulations to everyone who was nominated, especially the winners! I'm so thrilled I was able to be a part of this exciting, inspiring evening. 


So clearly we had a wonderful evening! Now I'm back home for the first time in nearly 3 weeks (although they were 3 incredible weeks I'm still saying yay for my own bed and not living out of a backpack!) So it's back down to normality with a bump and up with the knitting needles as I have plenty of orders to get out to new homes! Woo hoo! So I guess now it's time to continue working hard and crack on with all that Christmas knitting! Bring it on! 

L x 




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