January Blues Loose

Firstly I just want to thank the literal HUNDREDS of lovely people who helped me select my new postcard images on last weeks blog post! I'm so grateful and the new ones are at the printers as we speak (I'll do the big reveal on the blog once they arrive!) I really appreciate the time you took and the comments you left (many of which made me laugh out loud and love you all even more!)

So to this weeks post... Sadly there's no vote (I love voting for things!) but there are silly pictures and cosy feelings so hopefully that'll do ya!

I know that in theory January's the time it's easiest to feel a bit bogged down. It's dark and cold and the beginning of a new year. But personally for me that is nothing but a good thing. I completely love grabbing a cup of tea and some chocolate, snuggling up under a huge blanket and either reading or getting something good on the telly (although frankly once you've finished Luther what's the point in even owning a TV?!) This is honestly one of my favorite times of the year. As wonderful as Christmas is, the manic rushing around and money spending is now over and you can just chill and enjoy the calm from your warm space on the sofa once you're in from the cold. (but even out in the cold we get to wear stylish woollen coats and fluffy bobble hats. Seriously, whats not to love?!

Lauren Aston.jpg

As well as being obscenely cosy, January is also perfect for getting your head in gear for the rest of the year. December is so manic, there's no time to do anything other than shop, eat, socialize and drink...don't get me wrong it's great; but wheres the head-space?! Now we have time to reflect and prepare. If last year was crap for whatever reason, we can say goodbye to 2015...2016 will be amazing! and if last year was wonderful (as mine just so happened to be) we can ride that wave and get set for another great year. Positivity is the key! 

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

So don't be down in the dumps and don't let the January blues win! It's the perfect time for a fresh start and I just know 2016 will be marvelous!

Big love to you all.

L x