How's a girl supposed to get any work done?

As you may have seen over on facebook, we got a puppy on Sunday. He's an apricot Cockapoo called Harry and every time I look at him I think I might burst simply because he is the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

Of course puppies aren't just cuddles and cuteness. We've so far managed to avoid ruined shoes and destroyed cushions but he is, of course, high maintenance. Which has resulted in long nights, sleepy mornings and manic, coffee & sugar fulled afternoons, trying to catch up on work and get orders out on time (obviously for me, not the dog who just plays, poos, chews and sleeps)

He's a beautiful, characterful and cheeky little monkey. He likes to sit and sleep right on top of your feet, has a glint in his eye when he knows he's up to no good and he likes to have all the attention, all the time. Not that I'm complaining! I get to cuddle this dude on an hourly basis so no, no complaining here. This is simply an explanation as to why I have nothing but puppy pictures prepared for this post! Basically - I'm busy trying to get a dog to not poop in the house; here's adorable pictures -

Lauren Aston Designs
Lauren Aston Designs - Harry the Cockapoo
Lauren Aston Designs - Harry the Cockapoo puppy
Lauren Aston Designs - Harry
Lauren Aston Designs - Harry the Cockapoo pup
Lauren Aston Designs - Harry puppy


I'll try not to bombard you with puppy pictures over the next few months (although it will be hard...I'm like one of those proud mothers who posts baby pictures on Facebook that everyone quickly gets bored of due to the vast amount) and i'll try to get more on top of the knitting situation so I can share some exciting commissions and products with you!

I'll leave you for now! Have a good night!

L x