DIY Hanging Heart Kits

Lasts weeks Christmas Collection launch was a total dream and I can't thank you enough. I sold out of all the stock I had made up of Santa Hats almost instantly and had to send urgent emails around my knitters asking for 'more hats and more pom poms please!' but we made it and now festive little boxes have be arriving on people doorsteps all week with more stock ready to go. Phew!

This week I thought i'd keep up the trend of announcing newness going (one week it's Scarfs, the next is Christmas, now this...I'm on a newness roll!) This week it's the turn of the adorable little Crochet Heart Kits. They were a little overlooked when I put them online a few months ago, there was a lot going on so I didn't make a fuss but now they're starting to become a popular little stocking filler and so I thought I'd bring them into the spotlight.

As you probably know if you've made it this far...I'm a knitter, I'm not great at crochet but I can manage the basics. These kit's were basically designed for people like me. I had to write a pattern for a magazine and so using the basics I worked out to how make this little heart and figured that people who like to dabble in a bit of crafty crochet might enjoy it too so I popped it all into a little box and printed some labels (cuz when you have a label printer, you have to print labels for EVERYTHING.)

The kits include the pattern, some pink string for hanging your heart, a 15mm crochet hook and a hank of wool to crochet and stuff your heart with. 

They arrive in a little box, tied in a bow with the coordinating coloured wool and a label (YES!) to explain what it is so that you can give it as a sweet gift with minimal effort required (my kinda gift)  

Photo by Hannah Jewellery of her opening her heart kit 

Photo by Hannah Jewellery of her opening her heart kit 

There's a selection of colours to choose from, Natural White, Mink Blush, Bright Pink, Mustard Yellow, Turquoise, Baby Blue, Light Grey, Mid Grey and Granite. (If you've seen another colour you'd like just email me and I'll see if I have it in stock for you) 

As with everything I make, the kits use beautifully soft merino wool, fluffy as can be, amazing colours and hypoallergenic...what more could you want!? 

They make brilliant gifts for crafty friends, giving them a simple and quick project to do (rather than slaving away for months on end to make a baby blanket on a teeny tiny hook.... these really were designed for me! haha!) 

So now you can buy your stocking AND fill it ;) 

Thanks a bunch lovelies! 

See you next week,

L x