In Need of Hygge

Hello lovely friends, 

After 2 weeks away I'm now back into the swing of things. Although it was nice to have a break from work for a few heavenly weeks I must say, it is lovely to be back. Thank you so much for your gorgeous messages and well wishes, the wedding and mini-moon were just perfect and we enjoyed every moment. I will share some pictures with you once the professional photos come back from the amazing Jo Hastings but I thought I'd wait for her proper ones rather than my 'selfie with the bridesmaids' shots. 

In the mean time I think we're all just trying to get through a really strange day where many of us are shocked and apprehensive about the US election results and what's to come. On a day like today I find the outside world to be a little cold and scary (from both the news and weather), so rather than step out into that unpleasantness I choose to stay in and indulge in my little cosy, chunky knit haven.

I know many of you are already familiar with the Danish delight that is Hygge but for anyone who needs an introduction i'm happy to oblige... Hygge (pronounced Hue-gar or Hooga) is a danish word that, roughly translated means cosiness. However, we brits don't actually have a word that compares, as 'cosiness' really doesn't cover it, it needs more elaboration really...Hygge goes above and beyond cosy, it's a feeling, mood and atmosphere that totally embodies snuggiyness. Similar to how mindfulness came along to help us step back and take a moment for our wellbeing, Hygge is selflessly about immersing yourself in soft, cosy, stylish and candle-lit indulgence and feeling completely content. It's about surrounding yourself with the things that make you happy, whatever they may be (but generally it seems to be blankets, candles and a book) 

Firstly, What's not to like? and Secondly, what more could you need on a day like today? 

Photo courtesy of gorgeous Olivia from Lust Living

Photo courtesy of gorgeous Olivia from Lust Living

You can imagine, it's right up my street, a firm believer in taking in the moment and a serious supporter of chunky knit blankets I'm more than happy to light a few candles and hunker down. So today I'm inviting you to do the same, lets forget the world outside, just for a little while and lets get totally and utterly hygge'd up... or get 'Hyggely' as I believe it's called! (what an amazing word! Hoo-gar-ly)

Thank you for joining me, now please go light some candles and eat cookies all night until you feel totally content.

For more Hygge joy come say Hi on Instagram, it's one of my happy places filled with cosy :D

L x 

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