Your Opinions Please!

Hello lovely ones!

So i'm finally catching my breath and attempting to get some new products underway for 2016. I love creating new products but I do always feel a pressure to get the colours right from the get go. A lot of the time people order what they see, so although I can make everything in a huge range of colours, I need to make sure that the stock options available are popular colours. Therefore I'd like to ask for your help yet again!

I'm looking to get a new range of scarfs out in 4 or 5 colours. They can be from the list below or any others that come into your head. If you have 2 minutes would you mind ticking those boxes again to tell me what colour/s you generally go for when it comes to scarves. You can choose 1 or 10 it's up to you!

(please forgive the rubbish pictures of the scarves, they are quick snaps of my samples to give you a sneak peek!)

Thank you so much for your time you wonderful, helpful people (Blame yourselves for being so helpful with the last vote!)

To The Vote -

Colour *
Favourite style

Thank you all so much! :D

Lauren x

Lovely Lottie from  Qtique  modelling a sample scarf.

Lovely Lottie from Qtique modelling a sample scarf.