Why I Do What I Do

Over on Instagram the other day I was asked why I do what I do. What is it that makes me get out of bed every morning to knit?

Of course there's many reasons we all do what we do. Security obviously isn't one of the reasons for running your own business and neither is money in the first few years (good god I miss money!) Passion is vital but a love of knitting can only go so far I'll admit. Although I have great fun and do honestly enjoy nearly every stitch, running a business is not simply a matter of knitting. There's a whole other heap of stuff that comes with it and there needs to be a bigger and better reason to put oneself through that everyday.

I don't have children's belly's to feed and I don't live on the bad side of town desperately trying to escape, so what then? (clearly my life will never be the basis for a dramatic screenplay) Of course I want to pull my weight and help support my family financially and all the other obvious reasons but more importantly for me, I suppose it's a personality thing. I feel driven and determined to make it succeed, mainly due to people telling me, however inadvertently, that it won't.

Lauren Aston Designs Needles

If you've got a creative qualification I'm sure you'll have seen a few raised eyebrows "ah, your degree's in knitting...". You've probably also had the dinner party conversations "You know what you should do instead...." or "so, what are you planning to do afterwards?" (that one in particular comes with a patronizing look of despair as if to say 'the poor kid has no clue about life'). People don't mean to put you down. They don't intend to hurt your feelings, they simply don't understand that you're degree is just as important as any other. OK so we aren't curing Cancer with a fashion degree but people need clothes. Films need actors, company's need logos and restaurants need chefs!

So why do I get out of bed to knit each day? Because I bloody well can!! I hate being told what to do or worse still, people insinuating I can't do something.  My degree in knitwear has been the foundation for my business. I am so determined to prove that I can do this, prove it to my family; to make them proud, to the people who thought I couldn't do it; whether it was personal or not, and most importantly, to myself; So I can look back and pat myself on the back for a good effort. Because it doesn't really matter what other people think or say as long as I am happy with my accomplishments and to do so, I need to work. 

I'm also a full on feminist - I'm the one watching you tube videos and having 'passionate' debates (angry, I get angry) about phrases such as 'Man Up' or 'Don't be a girl about it'. I want to do all the heavy lifting, all the DIY and all the things that people say I can't. No matter how big or small, I want to a part of the group of people who break through the glass ceiling and I want to be someone who defies all the downtrodden stereotypes of the little woman.

Part of my drive everyday is down to the feminist in me. Wanting to prove to the world that I, as a woman, can nail this. Maybe it's because I grew up obsessed with the spice girls (Posh spice all the way!) but I truly believe in Girl Power and I want to do something with it. I feel so proud to be a woman in business, especially at the moment when there's real movement towards supporting female entrepreneurs and women in general and I'm so determined to thrive along side it. 

Spice Girls - Lauren Aston Designs Blog Post

If others don't believe in my vision that's fine, at the end of the day it wont effect my happiness! But what it does do is spur me on, to try that little bit harder to prove them wrong... clearly I'm a know-it-all! So it seems that what keeps me going each day is my determination, stubbornness and drive. Which in my case, are all aspects I gained from being an only child ;) So thanks Mum and Dad for not giving me the baby brother or sister I always wanted, If that had happened I may have learnt to relent!

Please feel free to comment on here, facebook or Instagram and tell me why you do what you do! I always love hearing from you and so want to know your stories!


Speak Soon,

L x