Post Pancake Day Healthy Pancakes!

Yesterday may have been pancake day however I really don't think we should restrict our pancake intake to one measly day! Maybe that can be the day we do it super unhealthily with piles of bacon and lashings of maple syrup but for those of you who, like me, want to eat pancakes on a near daily basis there is a far healthier, deliciously tasty (and easy to make) alternative!

May I present you with The Egg & Banana Pancake *trumpets play and birds sing* - There is Hope!

Healthy Egg and Banana Pancakes

All you need

Egg and Banana Pancakes

1 Egg (per person)

1 Banana (per person) 

Ideally an electric whisk but a fork will do the trick!  

Butter/coconut oil for cooking

Golden syrup/fresh fruit etc for serving  



1. Simply put the egg and bananas in a mixing bowl and whiz them up until all the lumps are gone. (If using a fork mash up the banana first) You can add other things into the batter at this stage if you'd like them with nuts, fruit, chocolate chips etc. 

Egg and Banana Pancakes
Egg and Banana Pancakes

2. On a low heat melt some butter or coconut oil and ladle out/pour a small amount of batter - they are supposed to be small and thick. I do about 3 at a time.

Egg and Banana Pancakes
Egg and Banana Healthy Pancakes

3. Once it bubbles on top use a spatula to flip them over carefully. They should be nice and brown underneath. You need the heat to be low to cook them slowly without burning so be careful not to flip them too early. 

4. That's basically it! You can pop the cooked ones under the grill or into the oven to stay warm or just do what I do and stick them on a plate until they are all done then back in the pan for a minute or so to warm them all up right before serving.  

Egg and Banana Pancakes


5. Enjoy! I like to have mine with a dash of golden syrup and some fresh fruit. 

Let me know if you try them and how much you love them! I'm totally obsessed. They're a great hit of protein to start your day and as long as you don't totally cake them in sugar they only have goodness in. Woo hoo!

I will leave you with pictures of the finished Egg and Banana Pancakes I had for breakfast. It's hard work but someone's got to do it! It's like that time you basically forced me to make a cake! ;)

L x

Egg and Banana Pancakes
Egg and Banana Pancakes