Meet The Maker - Lauren Aston

As you may have read at the beginning of the month, over on Instagram I've been taking part in the March Meet The Maker Challenge. Everyday I've posted a picture to help introduce the IG community to me and my business, inspired by the daily prompts set by Joanne Hawker, the creater of #MarchMeetTheMaker.

So in case you don't have Instagram or simply didn't make it over there, I've popped all my 31 images in this post to reintroduce myself and share parts of my business life you may not be familiar with.

(Click on each image to see the original post and read the explanation)

It's been so fascinating to get to know other small businesses, the hashtag now has over 24k posts connected to it, hundreds of creative people sharing thousands of images. It's been wonderful to be a part of it.

Thanks for tuning in :D

L x