The Dying Art of Customer Service

In General I consider myself to be a reasonably tolerant person, but if there's one thing that drives me up the wall, it's bad customer service! I shan't bore you with the details but I recently went all bridezilla on a printing company. When I left, I turned to Alex and said 'I don't think I needed to get so crazy there did I?!' after all, it really wasn't the end of the world. It took me a while to figure out exactly why I lost my sh*t at them and then it occurred to me, it was nothing to do with the product, or the lengthy time scale it apparently required; it was purely down to the terrible customer service.

I can handle it if something goes wrong, I totally understand that people make mistakes but when the customer service is poor, it often comes across as rude, uncaring and pretty much incompetent! Now tell me, why would I want to spend my money somewhere like that?

As a paying customer I like to be spoken to with some consideration and I like to be welcomed when I walk into someones place of work. Don't get me wrong, I'm not expecting a red carpet and a glass of champers (although it would never go to waste!) but for someone to look up from what they are doing and say "Hello". One word, that's all it takes to help you feel welcomed and instantly at ease.

I'm certain you lovely lot have manners a plenty and I have no doubts that you treat your customers to splendid CS. As both a customer and a business, I really think it should be top of the list no matter the size of the company. Why wouldn't it be? Customers are the people who keep a business going. They are the ones who help put food on the table and roof's over head's. Without them a company could have the most beautiful products, amazing images and cracking packaging, but without the people who purchase these items, it won't last long.

I'm so proud to have customers who are THIS happy! <3

I'm so proud to have customers who are THIS happy! <3

When a customer chooses to spend their hard earned cash on one of my products I am so grateful. There's thousands of blankets they could buy, but they choose mine and I find it so thrilling and flattering that they would do so. Because of this, I decide to treat them with respect and hopefully, good customer service! I am so lucky to have truly lovely customers. I really enjoy helping them pick out the best colour for their new cushion or chat about a bespoke product they have a vague idea about. To me, it isn't a chore it's the evolution on an order and frankly, why on earth shouldn't I help them if they are spending even a pound on one of my products?

So I guess this is me, imploring all businesses, big and small, to treat your customers with respect. Don't roll your eyes when someone asks a seemingly obvious question. Don't huff when the phone rings even if you already have a lot on your plate. And please, please say hello when they walk in! Neither party should ever need to put up with rudeness, and in this day and age we all know that the customer isn't always right but as a business, we do all need to be professional and polite because like it or not, that's our job! Let's remember the people who keep it all going, and lets appreciate them and treat them accordingly!

Here's to each and every one of us for being loyal customers to so many businesses, and here's to each and every business that keeps the standards of Customer Service high. I'm very grateful!

L x