The Metro Article of Dreams

Yesterday was such an exciting explosion! It was one of those mad days where everything happens all at once and you sit on cloud nine attempting to respond to emails and messages fast enough, as well as ticking off the usual to do list (which yesterday just happened to involve knitting orders, packing for London and shopping for wedding rings!...oh and at some point in the evening it was imperative that I caught up on Game of Thrones!)  

In case you have no idea what i'm banging on about and why it was so busy I shall explain - Thanks to the marvelous (NOTHS) there was a lovely (and rather large) feature on my big knitting in The Metro Newspaper! I'd been told about it last week and had been living in a constant state of hysteria ever since - whilst trying to keep my big mouth shut about it! 

The article came out as part of the promotion for NOTHS upcoming 10th Birthday 'Open Door' event in Spitalfields Market in London this weekend. It looks like a FANTASTIC day out, packed full of things to see, do and treat yourself to. I'll be there knitting for most of it (except for the tea and shopping breaks!) along with other NOTHS partners who will be doing demos and workshops. If you're in the area or simply fancy a trip to London it's set to be a wonderful 3 days. You can see loads more information on their website.

But in the mean time, I promised to share the Metro Article with everyone who (like me!) didn't get to pick up a copy yesterday (I don't think Devon know what The Metro is haha)

lauren aston Metro.jpg

Hope you have a wonderful week and weekend filled with fun and if you do make it to Spitalfield's please please please come say hello to me, I would LOVE to see you! 

Speak soon,

L x

P.S Thank you so much to everyone who filled in the form last week about the two colour blankets. I've narrowed it down and ordered the wool and will share them with you soon!