DIY Crochet Heart Pattern - Easy and Free

I love a good knitting pattern and although i'm all about the chunky knit, I do occasionally like to drop the needles and pick up a Crochet hook, not the best crocheter in the world by a long stretch, but the basics I can manage. As easy crochet goes I love making these little hearts, they're simple, quick and fun so I thought i'd share the pattern with you so we can all enjoy it and get crafty.  You only need to know the very basics of crochet to be able to make it - and if you don't know those, don't feel left out, there's loads of You Tube videos that can help! 

Materials list and pattern below and In case you don't have the equipment i've popped a Kit on my website with everything you'll need. Lets do this! ...

Free Crochet Heart Patter

Materials -              

1x Crochet Heart Kit OR -                                                                                                                                                    - Roughly 100g unspun Merino wool, split into quarters so not too thick.                                                            - 15mm Crochet Hook                                                                                                                                                - String or ribbon to hang

Free Crochet Heart Pattern

Abbreviations –                                                                                                                                                      SC = Single Crochet

Pattern - 

Step 1 - Chain 2

Step 2 - SC 4 into the 1st stitch 

Step 3 - SC 2 into each stitch until you count 14 stitches round

Step 4 - SC 3, pull yarn tight skip 7 stitches, SC next 4

Step 5 - SC 1 round 

Step 6 - *SC 1, Skip 1, SC 1, Skip 1* repeat until no stitches left. Tie off and weave in ends. 

Step 7 - Stuff bottom of heart and first bump with left over merino wool leaving enough to crochet second bump.

Step 8 - Starting at the base of the first bump where you skipped the 7 stitches - SC 7 remaining stitches

Step 9 - Repeat steps 5 & 6

Step 10 - Stuff and attach string in the centre between the bumps. Don't be afraid to give it a good squeeze if it's looking a bit wonky!


I hope you enjoy making your hearts. I should also warn you that it's a bit addictive as it's so satisfying so you can end up with them everywhere if you're not careful! Luckily both the hearts and the kits make really sweet presents and don't cost a lot so you can always give them as gifts before they take over your house. 

Feel free to share images your finished hearts over on Facebook as well as sharing the pattern so we can all have crochet hearts in our lives! 

Take Care,

L x