2017 Best Nine

A week late maybe...

Well, I'd prepped this post with my 'best 9' so that I could hit the publish button last Wednesday and continue on my streak of 'never missing a week' ...but when it came to figuring out which day of the week it was my brain well and truly failed me. I realised about a day late whilst drinking gin and stuffing my face with miniature sausages 'I was supposed to do my blog at some point' but I'll be honest with you friends; I didn't actually care. I'm sure you'll forgive me since, and I know this is quite shocking, I can't imagine any of you were actually standing by on Wednesday 27th December, desperately awaiting news from me. (If you were then I hate to say it but I think you need to get a hobby, I'm really not very interesting) 

So with a double header this week here I am, late to the party but still jumping on the bandwagon with my Best Nine. It works quite well actually since this post is looking back at some of my favourite moments of this year and the other post (that was actually planned to go out today) is looking forward at what's to come with a nice round up of 8 things to look forward to in 2018... in fact, shall we just pretend that this was the plan all along? I hope you enjoy! 

2017 Best nine images on Instagram - Lauren Aston Designs

What a year

I know I said it 'last week', but hoooooly, has it been a rollercoaster this year?! Highs and lows like you can't imagine but on reflection, I don't think I'd change a thing (okay - I'd probably change the image theft, but even through that you've all been amazing.)

Looking at those 9 images above, it's hard to know where to start. Although it's pretty safe to say that we've done quite a lot of knitting this year - between me and my brilliant team, a huge amount of chunky knits have gone out to you. I think my favourite blanket this year has to be the green cable knit number- it was really tough sending that one out - I'm going to have to treat myself to one in the New Year, I just can't decide on whether to keep it a that beautiful Forest Green or try something else?

The Rapunzel scarves have gone down so well this winter, and I'm so pleased as they are such a lovely item to knit, and I adore seeing all your colour choices - each one becomes my new fave!! That picture also means a lot as it's the one I posted the night Victoria Beckham shared her Insta-story of my stockings. I'd already posted the image and waffled on about something else entirely then edited the caption to say about VB and afterwards it struck me that it was a pretty perfect fit since I look quite ...'OMG WHAT?!' in it.

You may remember when I first shared the picture of me with all the piles of stockings? It was taken in August (My God, I love organised customers) The stockings were for the wonderful Elizabeth Arden, we ended up making them around 80 stockings to fill with goodies and send out to press and bloggers. As if that wasn't enough, what made it even more special was how lovely they were to work with - from being so easy going and pleasant to sending me Christmas gifts (I know!) they even forwarded me videos of some of the bloggers opening them. Total highlight of the year which I'm so pleased I captured. The image was then also used numerous times in the Notonthehighstreet catalogue which was obviously the icing on the cake. 

I don't think the tree toppers or santa hats need any explanation - but after thinking that we'd built up enough stock over the course of the year in preparation, yet again, you beauties blew me away by ordering waaaaaay more than I'd anticipated. Promise I'll be more organised next year, and won't keep you waiting for a stupid amount of weeks to get yours!! 

The wreath was another high point - I was commissioned by NOTHS to create a giant wreath to go in their reception at HQ, and I bloody loved making this! It's made me really tempted to up my sizes next year, maybe not quite this big, but we all love a statement piece, right?!

The remaining images are the most popular ones that you seemed to like (thank you <3) More blankets were posted to you throughout the year in every colour, stitch and size, including a big pile that went out for Black Friday (remember how they sold out in 8 minutes?!) it makes me so happy to think of all those beds & sofas kept cosy in my big knits. 

All in all a pretty alright year I'd say. 

Thank you

I know I keep saying it, but 2017 was amazing thanks to you. Here's to 2018!! I'm loving it already and so excited to see what it brings, cheers to that! 

 I hope you had absolutely wonderful Christmases, thank you again friends,

Happy New Year to each and every one of you,

L xxx