2018 Black Friday

Well Hello! 

When I said last week that I might come back on the regular I had 100% forgotten it was Black Friday week this week. I’m here with my annual 'here's the deal' post so you know what time to set your alarms…but I’m also here with a bit of a rant. *queue everyone scrolling to the bottom for the sale information*

(beautiful letter board by Letters By Me)

(beautiful letter board by Letters By Me)


Black Friday Rant

Is it me or is Black Friday getting longer every year? (it’s not me) …I thought it was one day (Friday surely?!) but instead it’s now the whole bloody month. It’s turned into a November Sale and everyones waiting to see what bargains they can grab before they actually start Christmas Shopping which is really tricky for small businesses to gauge what the bloody hell is going on. It’s pushing sales back, making December harder every year to the point it’s almost not fun anymore. Furthermore, why are we giving away products for basically no money at our busiest time of year?! It’s ludicrous. That being said, you may well ask why I’ve partaken in it year after year if I feel so strongly about it, well my friend - let me explain…

LAD and Black Friday

Every year I’ve joined in with the Black Friday sale as a way of giving back to my EPIC customers and social media ‘followers’. As you may know if you’ve been here before, I knit blankets (and a few other bits) throughout the year when it’s quieter for me. I make them for the joy of it in the colours, stitches and sizes I fancy and then sell them in a sale for basically no profit; so that some of the gorgeous people who follow me - but aren’t able to afford my products normally - might be able to get one at a reduced price. It’s a ‘Thank You’ to my favourites.

But lately it’s just felt cheap. Emails asking what will be on sale and if I ‘have a list’ have tainted it for me to be honest. I’m running a small business helping to support AMAZING women who knit and pack and work with me and every item is priced accordingly so I can pay them fairly, grow the business and buy clothes for my dog (tee hee). We aren’t overpricing the rest of the year so we can slash prices for one day *cough every corporation running Black Friday sales for a month cough* We’re pricing accordingly and for one day joining in the ‘fun’ at our own cost as a way of saying thanks.

I 100% want to give back to the people who matter most (you lovely lot) but Black Friday no longer feels like the time for that. I started it because it felt fun, festive and a good excuse… but now it feels consuming, dirty and exploiting, so I do believe this will be our final year of Black Friday Sales. I’ll continue to work on ways to thank you but it won’t be the last Friday in November after this year….also we’re really fucking busy in November haha!


This years Black Friday 

So onto this year - As I mentioned I'm lucky enough to have some quieter weeks during the summer when chunky knits aren't at the forefront of everyones minds and I take advantage of these weeks by knitting blankets I want to, purely for fun. I then store them and borrow them occasionally for photographs (as you can see). These are my Black Friday blankets. Because I've made them for fun and borrowed them for a few photos I'm not looking to make any money or even cover my time, I just need to cover the cost of the wool - Which is why I'm able to take part in this way. It's also a bit of a fun way to say, 'thanks for your support - if you cover the costs, I'll sort the rest'.

For the first time ever there will also be some DIY items in the sale, I’ve negotiated with one of my suppliers and we’ve worked out a deal just for the day. Certain orders will be despatched early-mid December (it will say so on the listing) as I’ll need to place the order with my supplier after Black Friday. The good news is that these items will be available all day and unlimited (unlike the one-off blankets) And everything should be with you by Christmas.


The bits you need to know

So here's the bits you really need to know:

  • The Black Friday sale will launch on Friday 23rd November 2018 at 7.30am GMT

  • It will be exclusively on my website, I ship Free within the UK, and internationally (charging the cost of the shipping) to Europe, USA and Canada.

  • The one off’s are normally gone within minutes, if you have an account you’ll be able to check out quicker.

  • Just because it’s in your basket doesn’t mean it’s yours!! until you’ve checked out- it’s not secured.

  • There will be a selection of blankets, a few scarfs and some DIY products for the first time ever. (There won't be any Christmas items)

  • Black Friday orders come second to our normal orders which we prioritise but we will do our best to get them out to you without a few weeks so you’ll definitely have them by Christmas.


Set your alarms!

Most of the blankets are a one off, not a stock line so when it's gone it's gone. You could of course order the same combination via the normal channels but in terms of the deals, they're unique. So the plan is on Friday morning at 7.30am I will set all the listings live and let you know on Facebook and Instagram that they're up (in case you forget) but you can always set a reminder and just head over to the shop at 7.30am. Last year they sold out within 5 minutes so if you think you want something please do arrive on time. I'd hate for you to be disappointed!

Please also note that you haven’t secured an item until you’ve successfully checked out. I know last year lots of people were disappointed that by the time they checked out the item was already gone, I cannot stress enough that people are speedy! If you have an account you’ll be able to check out faster.

In Other News

In other news since we moved premises we are so much more organised which is WONDERFUL so I’m delighted to say that we are getting orders out quickly. I’m trying to keep on top of it and will update you if anything changed but as it stands we still have Santa Hats and Tree Toppers in stock thanks to my wonderful knitters and Sally working tirelessly on them all year round! (every other year we’ve had a huge backlog on both those items at this point, but this year we actually have stock!- thanks to Helen for making me commit haha!) Super Chunky DIY kits like the cardigan, scarf and Christmas knits are FLYING out but we’re on top of them! It’s so wonderful to feel organised! Thank you for your wonderful orders, you make my year :D

Happy Yellow Wednesday

That’s all from me then! I'm super excited to see what you go for in our final ever BF sale.

Thank you so much for your support this year (I'm sure there's another gushy Christmas blog to follow soon so I'll save up for that) but please know, I'm so grateful for your continued support whether it be in the form of a happy email, friendly comment or even an order. You're so good to me! 

L x