8 Reasons I Love Elizabeth Arden

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I’ve had a super busy week with trips to Bristol, for the Mollie Makes Awards and closer to home in Exeter there was a Notonthehighstreet Meet up for partners today. I’ve come back to sit in my garden, attempt to recover from my cold and wonder ‘what on earth should I blog about today?!’ I had a little look at my ‘to blog about’ list and decided against all of it because there’s something I just want to talk about, so that’s what I’m going to do.

I’m lucky enough to work with the incredible brand Elizabeth Arden and also lucky enough that occasionally I get some gifts from them! I’ve now had chance to try out looooads of their skincare and products and am officially a convert to everything EA! Their latest release is a new ‘Great 8’ Daily Moisturiser that does, you’ve guessed it - 8 things. So I thought I would show some support right back at them by blogging about 8 reasons I adore them as a brand.

*This post is NOT sponsored, I have very kindly been gifted products by them in the past when working with them but this is purely written out of my love for them and nothing else.*

Picture Credit:  Elizabeth Arden

Picture Credit: Elizabeth Arden


8 Reasons I love Elizabeth Arden

  1. The main reason I love them as a brand is because the UK team go out of their way to work with and promote small British businesses. To have a legacy brand like EA backing you and your product is absolutely INCREDIBLE. Most of the time when you work with a big brand they expect so much, they have rules and regulations coming at you a mile a minute and it can be completely overwhelming and scary but the UK team at Elizabeth Arden are the total opposite. They are passionate about the small businesses they work with, they believe in them and they want to help them… and that is Everything.

  2. Speaking of the UK team, they alone are one of my 8 reasons to adore the brand. The head office team who I’ve dealt with are just all round gorgeous humans. They care and it really translates. I recently had a chat with Charlotte, the PR manager about potential project for an event and she was adamant that it shouldn’t be wasteful and I absolutely ADORE that. They have a job to do but they aren’t going to be dicks about it…more of this please!

  3. I can’t talk about EA and not mention some of the products, I don’t want it to be super salesy as this really is about the whole brand not just the stuff they sell (because I truly believe it’s the whole package that makes them special.) But I am such an addict to their skincare and make up I thought I’d let myself have a point for each and just do a quick namecheck of my favourite products, I won’t go into much detail about each so I’ve added links in case you want more info… (for clarity - all of these have been gifted to me in the past, at some stage which is why I’ve been able to try them.) So first up is Make Up: My daily make up always includes EA products. I generally use the Smokey Black ‘High Drama’ Eye liner and the ‘Grand Entrance’ Mascara then I use the Prevage City Smart SPF on my face, I get asked about this a lot as it leaves a lovely glow. If my skin is looking good then I use just that (which is my preference) and if not then I use it as a primer under a thicker foundation. Then if I’m doing fancy (for me) make up I also use the Four Ever Bronze pallet (the highlighter in this is my fave ever!) and occasionally a lipstick, normally the 8 hour cream lip balm.

  4. Onto the Skincare…I’ve been lucky enough to use the new Great 8 Moisturiser already and I love it. In the mornings I use that and the Prevage eye serum (which is pricey but totally dreamy!) Both have a really beautiful light consistency so are great for summer and when I feel like my skin needs a boost I use my precious Ceramide Capsules which feel incredible. Then at night I mainly use the Retinol Ceramide Capsules (which might just be my favourite out of everything skincare) not only does it feel unbelievable going on but it also helps my skin texture and tone reducing blemishes and dark spots - these are always on my Christmas list… That’s all the products I’m going to mention, I’ve missed loads out but tried to narrow it down. I am super lucky that I’ve been given an opportunity to try them out as they certainly wouldn’t all have been in my budget , I’m so grateful and I’m now 100% a customer for life.

  5. I feel like Reese Witherspoon needs a spot in this list so I’m throwing her in for good measure! Reese Witherspoon is a goddess and any brand she gives her seal of approval to really must be magnificent….That is all!

  6. Speaking of epic women, obviously Elizabeth Arden was founded by a female entrepreneur over a century ago and as a woman in business myself currently living in a world where there are more men named ‘John’ in the FTSE 100 than there are women in it at all… I feel like that deserves its own space.

  7. Not only was she evidently a brilliant business women, Elizabeth Arden started her company because she believed that “beauty should not be a veneer of makeup” and lived by her mantra “To be beautiful and natural is the birthright of every woman”. We’re so often told by society and culture that we have to look a certain way to be beautiful. Ageing as a woman is basically criminal these days but Elizabeth Arden don’t force products on us by telling us that we ‘need’ them to look good, they innovate and support to help us glow if we want to.

  8. My final reason for loving Elizabeth Arden is personal, it’s a compilation of all of the above and the fact that this small yet glorious team, from a legacy company, found and invested in me. They never ask or expect too much of my small business and they never try to sell me on ‘exposure’ alone. Working with them has been a total joy for the past few years and I’m so bloody honoured they’d choose me. They also send me free skincare every now and then (as if I could love them any more?!)


Oh Gad I love them

So that’s my 8, I think I could do another 8 quite easily but I’m trying to keep it cute and in line with their new launch, which seemed the perfect excuse to gush a little. I’m so proud to work with them and feel so invested in their gorgeous brand, whether they continue to be customers or not…I’m kind of a huge creepy fan. (who’s basically Benjamin Button thanks to the gifts they’ve sent me)

Over and Out

That’s all for now pals, next week I’ll go back to knitting chat and stop gushing (on the blog at least). Hope you have a lovely week,

Take Care, L x