8 things to look forward to in 2018

Happy New Year!!

'First blog of 2018!' (kinda) It’s like that first blank page in your new Christmas notebook when you go back to school -  you really, really don’t want to mess it up! (actually, I always leave the first page blank for that very reason, does anyone else do that?)

Let’s start as we mean to go on then, and get all excited about the year ahead. Yes, 2017 is now over, It's SO yesterday, we’re in a new year now and it's the perfect time to start making all those resolutions and plans. Although I’m not great at that – every time I make a resolution I break it in about 20 minutes. I no longer make resolutions because I can't stand the heart ache of breaking them... why is it that as soon as you tell yourself to cut down on the biscuits, they are all you want to eat? Nope, no New Year Resolutions here – what I thought we could do instead is to look forward to everything that 2018 has to offer.


1. A Royal Baby

So where best to start, than with a brand new ROYAL??! Yep, a baby is arriving in a few months and all our bets are on what they are going to call it. Personally, I think Hermione is a great name, (as does lovely Martha from Martha Brook who's just named her brand new bundle of joy Hermione) but that might not work as well with George and Charlotte. There is actually a poll going on which puts Alice at the top – what do you think? 

Anyway, as a lifelong fangirl or the royal family I’m looking forward to it. Side note: Have you seen The Crown, if not, please do!


2.Royal Wedding

Next up, shortly after the baby arrives we’ve got a Royal wedding!! You'd have thought a marvellous excuse for a bank holiday but apparently not :P Since my own wedding in 2016 I became slightly Pinterest obsessed, and even though I am not doing any more wedding planning, I still love seeing what everyone else is up to!! I almost hate how intrigued I am by it all but at the same time, if you can't be happy about a royal/celebrity wedding then what's the point in social media? 


3. The Handmaids Tale #2

Did you watch the first series? I was totally hooked. I'm still horrified by how seemingly close we are to that reality but that's probably a feminist rant for another day. In short and in my opinion, it's valuable lesson and an amazing series. I need to binge watch it again so I’m ready for the second series. It’s predicted to be better than the first, can you even imagine?!


4.Dr Who

Now, I’m not a massive fan of Dr Who – in fact I should probably admit that I don’t really watch it at all, and by don't really watch it I mean - have never seen an episode and never been remotely interested in it... but I might actually change my mind now that the Dr is a WOMAN! I love the fact that it’s caused furore since the announcement, but let’s face it – there is nothing that a woman can’t do and being an alien doctor with two hearts who travels through time and space (yes, I had to google it) is just another example of what great multitaskers we really are. Surely that's worth a gander?!


5.Social Media Trends

As you may know I love my Instagram feed – you may have also clocked that I enjoy chatting to you on my stories, you could say that I am a bit obsessed with it. But this year I promise to do a bit more – I really want to try and pick up my Facebook again (although it’s so hard reaching people on there nowadays!) since i've basically abandoned it for half the year. I also keep being told that I’ve got to use Twitter more, but I just don’t get it and Pinterest I LOVE but i'm not sure if I'm doing it right... But what I have read is that UGC is going to become the big thing in 2018. UGC stands for User Generated Content – and it means that I use the images you’ve taken of my knits in your home/being worn by you, to use in my marketing. how marvellous!! The brilliant Lucy & Yak do this so well, and I really need to start upping my game. Watch this space as I might be needing your help with this! I’d love to be using your images in my PR so if you’re a customer who's handy with a camera please do tag me in your images! 


6. A little Thai Holiday

When I was down in the depths of 19 hour days knitting Santa Hats, Alex took himself off to book us a holiday – a bit of sunshine at the end of January – and although this might not be something that you can look forward to this year (sorry – this one is 100% self indulgent) it’s certainly something I’m looking forward to. A little bit of time off will be brilliant – although if I'm honest I don't like to go away for too long, I'm a real home bird and always un-cooly keen to get back to the knitting. 10 days in the sun while Harry dog holds the fort will do me nicely!


7.New knitting kits

Now this I am really excited about! I got lots of requests during the Christmas madness for more kits – which obviously I couldn’t fulfil at the time, but I am going to make it my mission to do so this year. I want to create a pattern and a kit for the stocking so you can make your own. As well as some more festive themed knits I am also planning some year round ones, with the aim of actually being stocked in actual shops!! It’s not all finalised yet, but it won’t be long – and I’m completely itching to get going on them! Keep an eye out (actually you won’t need to, I’ll be literally shouting about it everywhere I go!!!)


8. New products for 2018

I’m bashing some ideas around constantly including some chunky knit jumpers, I’m thinking more seasonal products, I’m thinking different yarns, I’m thinking so many different things that my mind won’t rest!!! Watch this space…..

What about you – what are you excited about this year?! I can’t wait to find out so let me know!!

L x