Behind The Scenes

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I hope you're all well and enjoying your week so far, I thought I'd just have a quick catch up today and give you a sneaky peak behind the scenes as there's been lots going on lately and we're also on the build up to Christmas - I can't believe it either but the santa hats and stockings are starting to leave the building at a stead pace so we must be approaching that time of year!


What's been going down lady? 

So much happens that I forget to mention on the blog. One of the most exciting bits was the recent order from the amazing team at Elizabeth Arden (they're honestly SO lovely!) Their team ordered A-Lot of stockings from me to send out for the launch of some new products in their White Tea range (Which by the way is now my favourite's Delicious!) so just before we jetted off to Canada a whole heap of stockings left the building for the more glamorous setting of the EA-HQ in London. 



Throwing blankets around

We've also been doing lots of photoshoots lately, building up a bit of a catalogue for Christmas as well as organising photoshoots for new products. Some shoots we have a plan and get all the props together in advance and others we just muck about and see what happens (they're normally the best ones) 


Getting organised

With the next few months set to be really full on, it's so important that we're organised so i've been spending a boring amount of time in the shed, checking how many cardboard boxes and jiffy bags we have, comparing notes on last years sales and attempting to predict this years so that we have the right amount of packaging ready to go - have I sent you to sleep yet? - If only we had more space I could just go wild, but with the limited space we have I need to make sure we have enough to see us through without overdoing it too much. The last thing we need is to suddenly run out of 40cm boxes in November (I know it sounds dull but I promise it would be a nightmare!). Of course once the orders placed it then arrives on a pallet, first thing on a chilly Monday morning waiting to be unpacked; ahhhh small business life. It's not all blanket wafting and tea drinking. ;)



All newness to be launched soon!

I'm beginning to get super nervous now as the new collection is pulling together and final details are getting sorted. I have lots of newness all to be launched in October and this time it's really stuff out of my comfort zone! Last year the Christmas range went down SO well it was really exciting - I grossly underestimated the power of the Santa Hat and sold out in the first night but this year it's a really different collection. There are some new Christmas products but mainly it's other stuff, focusing more on the DIY collection and I'm crossing fingers and toes that it goes down well! You might have caught this sneak peek on social media and it's no secret that the book is out soon (especially as it's already available to pre-order), but the smaller wool is also being released (in collaboration with the book) so i'm anxiously waiting to see how that goes down. Fingers crossed it will be a success - it's really lovely to work with so I do hope so. 



Busy Catching Up 

Since we got back from holiday there's been a real autumnal feel about. We've been dashing through the orders trying to get back on track in time for the new products to be launched, the orders have had a wonderful Autumn/Winter feel to them. Thank you, as ever for keeping me so busy (and in a home) It's a privilege to be keeping you toasty all year! These are the orders that left last Tuesday, and that slightly stricken look says 'oh yeah, they are a bit 'Christmassy' aren't they!' haha I'm looking forward to seeing the orders from a Tuesday in November! (I'd be willing to be that I'll look a lot more sleepy then too!) 



Put your cape on and soar

and finally, another quick one from a recent shoot, some times you've just got to dress up right? ... 


Join me on the daily...

As I'm always banging on about, there's always lots of news over on my Instagram and for a true behind the scenes have a look through my instagram stories, I'm always waffling on about something, having a whinge or a chat and of course the odd outfit appreciation (not too often, just when I leave the house which is really quite rare) 



That's all for now folks...

So that's the lot for today. I can't wait to do the next 'behind the scenes' which will no doubt be sometime around Christmas ...gulp. Earlier today I had a quick look back at the Christmas Round Up blog from last year and think I may have been exaggerating how happy I was...I remember the tiredness but not much else haha! (I think it might have been my coping mechanism so I didn't cry) 


Anyhu, Speak soon friends, 

Take Care, 

L x

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