Behind The Scenes Madness

Hey guys!

It's that time of the week again - Wednesday blog time - which is coming round quicker and quicker as the end of the year zooms into focus - and despite being awake for record hours each day I swear I am losing hours!

So I know I've got quite slack at sharing updates here on my blog and on Facebook - despite sharing on my Instagram stories, so I thought I'd do a bit of a round-up of what's been happening behind the scenes here at LAD HQ! As you know we are all frantically knitting hundreds of Santa Hats - so much so that I can no longer guarantee Christmas delivery on those (I'm so sorry) but scroll down to get the links to make your own. I have every faith in you.


So what's happened?

Where should I begin? Well I can't actually believe I haven't shared this with you here yet - a couple of months ago, Notonthehighstreet asked me for a very special commission. They wanted a wreath for their front door, but not just any old wreath, oh no! This one had to be big... So they got BIG!

Lauren Aston Designs chunky knitted Christmas wreath Giant Christmas wreath Notonthehighstreet

I was as ridiculously happy as I looked - this was so much fun to make, and I really really want to make more! But I'm not sure this size would prove all that popular, it was a bit of a struggle getting through the front door, but I'm sure I could have got away with it on the garage??!

Lauren Aston Designs giant chunky knitted wreath notonthehighstreet


Black Friday Madness

Last week I was literally just preparing all the photos and the listings for the craziness that was Black Friday and I'm still in shock that it all sold out within eight minutes! - despite me opening the doors to the sale at 7.30am. Your support means the world to me, I'm so so grateful - thank you so much! xx

Black Friday sale chunky knit blankets Lauren Aston Designs

For those of you who missed out, and I know there were a few of you, I am so, so, sorry that you weren't able to get what you wanted. I am so shocked myself at the speed that everyone was able to checkout, so next time I will make it more clear that once it's 'in the basket' doesn't mean the sale is safe - you need to check out. Again, I'm sorry for anyone who missed out :( 


Sweary Santa

Those of a delicate disposition may want to look away now! After weeks of dealing with stolen images and IP disputes, cease and desist letters, I thought I'd try to have a laugh at the nightmare I've been having.

And what better way to do that, than to hit my favourite platform IG and get an 'alternative' Santa Hat image out there!! I'm hoping that if they are going to steal an image, it may as well be this one next year hahaha!

I loved getting this image out there - despite the fact that I had to take over 600 photos to find one that didn't make me look completely bonkers, and I'm still not sure if I achieved that!! If you were following my stories you'll know I only got round to painting one nail - the most important nail - I mean, why bother painting any of the others when that's the only one you'll be showing eh?! 

So here's to all of you who have had images stolen or used against your will, here's to all of you who have had makers being 'influenced' and 'inspired' by your products and here's to all of you who refuse to back down and accept it! 


My New Knitting Book

I announced a couple of weeks back that my book had arrived! Well I am really pleased to say that it has now been officially launched and so to celebrate I announced it on IG with my fantastic balloon arch - don't worry, I didn't create a new one, this was taken back in the Summer when I had recieved my advanced copy of the book and I made the most of the photo opportunities the fabulous arch could give me!

You can find my book here - and please do tag me in any photos you take of things you make! I'd love to see them!!


Rapunzel Scarf Fun

I had so much fun taking this photo! Why call a scarf 'Rapunzel' if you can't make the most of it for your IG feed?! Now for those of you interested, the scarf isn't actually this long - I did exaggerate it slightly so I could play proper fairytale dress up! Why not make metres of scarf then wrap it around you over and over? I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with it now as it will be totally impractical when on the daily dog walk... well at least I'll know what to dress up next time we're invited to a fancy dress party!

P.S Promise I'm happier than I look :p 

P.S Promise I'm happier than I look :p 

If you want to get your own fairytale Rapunzel scarf (it really won't be this long!!) you can find it here - and it's available in any colour you can possibly wish for!


Any Old Excuse

I think this blog post has literally just been a lovely excuse to share some of my favourite recent pics with you all! I can't think of anything better than to share a bit of loveliness in this crazy time of the year - what with the Black Friday madness from the weekend (did anyone else feel totally bombarded by billions of promotional emails in their inbox??!) and the nightmare of stolen images that I've been writing about recently - it feels nice and rather refreshing to be focusing on the positives!!


Come see some more lovely images!

For those of you who are Pinterest fans, you might not know but I'm also on there - and I've been pinning loads of gorgeous pictures if you want to go and take a look! From cosy Christmas to winter fashion and lots of other interior inspo, I'm so hooked! Let me know what you're up to over there and come get inspired by my boards... as if you need any more convincing to get lost down internet rabbit holes....!!


A Blatant Sales Promo

Ha! And you thought it was all about the images - well, while I have you, I thought I'd do a blatant sales post on my calendar. In that way, you can get my cosy knit images each month!

Why not treat yourself or a loved one and get knitting and inspo all year round?! I'm extending the discounted rate until Christmas so grab yourself a bargain!


Until next time,

L x