Behind the Scenes of Our New Project

Ello Ello!

Thank you so much for your wonderful response to the launch of the new pompom kits last week. I’m so pleased you like them! We quickly sold out of the ‘brights’ kits that we had prepared but we’re making lots more up this week so any that haven’t left yet or that you order now should be flying out shortly :D (I say ‘we’ like I’m going to be helping to do it - I’m absolutely no use with only 1 good arm haha I keep trying to get involved so I can do SOMETHING but I’m far more of a hindrance!)

What else is new?

So this week I wanted to finally let the cat out the bag and give you a sneak peek (I use the term loosely because there’s technically nothing to peek at) but I can finally chat about another new project I’ve been working on… Helen from The Creative Business Network and I have joined forces to work on a business advice service.

Why tho?

I know I know, thats her job not mine, I’m a knitter and she’s the small business coach… however on a weekly basis I get emails from budding young businesses asking for help, advice and opinions. I LOVE to help people and I’m so happy to share anything and everything I know (hence the many blog posts for small businesses) but in the last year or so it’s become a bit too much for me to spend so many hours replying, helping and advising people individually for free with everything else going on. I try to refer people to my blog but I know it’s not always helpful if it’s a specific topic or as I often get asked to review peoples shops etc I know my blog can’t cover that. Helen and I make a great team (I’ll explain more below) and so we think that together we’ll have it all covered. I still really want to help when people ask me for advice but I also can’t keep giving up hours of my time for free, so together we firmly feel we can deliver a brilliant service that’s really reasonably priced so that we can justify spending our time working on other people’s businesses. I’ll still blog and chat about as much as possible but we’ll provide more services to both delve into your businesses or to help you get there on your own with some tools and advice from us.



Helen and I work so closely together on an almost daily basis, she helps me out constantly and over our years of being friends and colleagues we’ve developed a really great understanding of each others strengths and weaknesses and how we both work. Having run her own successful sewing business for years before turning to business mentoring she has brilliant experience of running a small business. She’s well trained and fantastic at marketing, branding and all the knitting gritty stuff behind the scenes (she’s also the one who forces me to do a blog every week and then checks it for my many spelling and grammar mistakes) and I have experience building and styling a brand and growing a business with all that involves - from social media, developing a USP, hiring helpers, photography, product development etc. Together we reckon we’re a pretty good team so hope we can help others develop their businesses.

What will it be?

We’re going to be drip feeding our new services out slowly depending on what we can fit in at the time so I’ll fill you in with all the details once each aspect is up and running but ultimately there will be a selection of consultations from small, more affordable, hour long sessions to half day and full day sessions where we’ll really delve in. We’ll be led by the customers on what they want to work on as well as figuring out where we think there might be weak areas we can really help with.

As well as consultations we’ll be creative a toolkit for you to download and do yourself. Checklists, exercises and advice so you can narrow down where your business stands on certain matters and take it further with guidance, prompts and a bit of ‘homework’. The toolkits will include a variety of subjects including - defining your brand and audience, instagram, blogging, working on your website. They’ll be downloadable and I hope REALLY useful to work on and refer back to.

So the big question

What would you like to know?

As we’ll be drip feeding them, we’re trying to prioritise what to release first and for this, we’d love your feedback! Is there anything that I’ve just said that jumps out and you’d like access to quickly? Are there any subjects that you want included in the toolkits? Do you have questions about your business you want answered and we can look at how best to answer those? Do you want an option for a quick website review or just personalised feedback on your social media?

Absolutely anything that might be useful to you and/or whats the most important thing to you that we can try to help with? Once we know we can prioritise, organise & launch. We’d be so grateful for your thoughts, questions, concerns and will try to figure out how to help in the best and most cost effective way we can.

Please fill out the form below to let us know!…


Thank you

If you’ve filled in the form thank you so much for taking the time, I’m so excited to start working with other small businesses and seeing them grown and develop,

I’ll let you know as soon as we’ve launched any (watch this space I’m working on one right now!) and I can’t wait to hear from you - Thank you!

Take Care,

L x