Bespoke Blanket Fever

Hello Lovely ones, 

I hope you had wonderful long weekends and that the weather held out for you. 

I spent some of my weekend in the midlands for a wedding dress fitting (it's less than 2 months now!) and then dashed back to do some more work which mainly involved knitting and photo's a glamorous life here! I also had an exciting morning on Sunday as many of you have seen when my (apparently unamused) mug was featured in The Sunday Times business section in relation to a announcement (basically, they've been given lots of money, woo hoo!)

Lauren Aston Sunday Times

Anyhu, back to normality and there I was sipping tea and photoshopping pictures of blankets and bits of fly away wool and it occurred to me that since I put my new 'Custom Colour Stitch and Size Blanket' listing up i've been given such a great opportunity to whip up some really beautiful and different blankets of the super chunky variety and I wanted to share them with you, cuz if not you, then who? I don't get chance to photograph all of them but here are a few from the last few months... 

First up is the worlds most beautiful Oyster coloured blanket in Moss stitch, It's a medium blanket which i've only recently started doing and I LOVE it. The size is so perfect for sofa snuggles, it's big but not huge, it weighs around 4-5kg so isn't overwhelming but still a lovely hefty blanket. 

  here's a shot to show the fab size - 


Next up is a lovely Mint baby, this fab colour is so refreshing and currently very on trend with the tasty pastels that are so popular at the moment. It's a 'small' in Stockinette Stitch and can actually be found in Fleming and Sell in Topsham, Devon (a shop which is definitely worth a visit if you're a fan of up to date artwork and stylish interior products...I can't get enough <3 )  

Mint Blanket


There have been some really sweet little lap blankets flying out, again it's a new size i'm trying out. I made the first one as an example of a 2kg Knit Kit then discovered that they're the perfect size for one (i.e. the people like me who don't necessarily want to share their blanket coverage.) This one is a Natural White coloured blanket in a wonderfully textured Moss Stitch.  

Now to the dreamy Baby Blue, Double Rib Stitch 'small' blanket (I find it hard to say 'small' as they really aren't that small) This one was made for a lovely customer a couple of weeks ago and I still miss it. I feel like you'd have really sweet dreams if you had this on your bed *happy sigh*.

Another neutral beauty is this 'Small' Mink Blush coloured blanket in Stockinette Stitch, such a calm classic I really enjoyed making it. It's currently living in Glosters in Porthmadog, Wales looking for a new home should anyone be round there and looking for a super chunky blanket. ;)

Continuing on the subtle neutral theme is this buttermilk blanket. It was made as a bespoke order and I loved it so much I decided to continue it as stock item. The colour is so calming and cosy it can fit anywhere and manages to bring a dreamy comfort that I personally find irresistible. (in fact i'm going to make a little lap blanket of it for guests to use at my wedding along with some other colours, shhh!) It's a Buttermilk coloured small blanket in a Single Rib Stitch. 

 Lets finish on this punch of Aubergine. Although not much is visible this recent beauty was a large Aubergine blanket in a double rib stitch (which has proved quite a popular combination to my delight) it's a wonderful deep colour that oozes autumnal vibes. Snuggly or what?!

I hope you enjoyed the whirlwind tour of custom blankets I've made in the last few months. I find it so interesting to chronicle them on here and look back and the variety of colours, sizes and stitches. Generally the Natural White Woolacombe Blanket is the most popular and as much as I adore making them, it's a lovely diversion to make some colourful and comfortable one off treats for people occasionally. 

As always, thanks for spending your time here, It's always lovely to have visitors to my little big-knit part of the internet, please feel free to comment below or on Facebook and let me know what colour blanket you'd go for!

Happy Wednesday friends :D

L x