Black Friday Blankets

Hello you lovely bunch, 

So it's currently total and utter MADNESS! I don't quite know how we are nearing the end of November but it snuck up on me and here we are. I thought I was prepared but no, no I am not. I have a running total of about 90 orders, I'm trying my hardest to get them out as quickly as possible so I don't keep anyone waiting too long so if you've got a pending order - Thank you, and thank you for bearing with me!

I knew it would be busy but I didn't realise quite how busy. As much as it sounds like I'm a frantic mess (accurate) I must say I'm also enjoying myself greatly! I'm beating all my previous records and what with my obsessive need to 'pat myself on the back for any achievement' I'm totally love it. I also reward myself with a biscuit every now and again so that might have something to do with it.  

Anyway back on track... I knew it would be busy during this Christmas build up so I took advantage of certain quieter weeks earlier in the year and made some secret blankets in colours, stitches and sizes I wanted, just cuz I fancied it! It was a total joy to just sit and knit something I loved, the plan being I would sell the select few at reduced rates just for fun on Black Friday, and so here we are! 

As a small business, hand making everything from start to finish (and using totally beautiful but lets face it, expensive merino wool) I don't have the margins to discount everything by 50% but I do have the time occasionally to whip up something special as a treat so that's what I decided to do. 

Most of the blankets are a one off, not a stock line, so when it's gone it's gone. - You could of course order the same combination via the normal channels but in terms of the deals, they're unique. So the plan is on Friday morning at 10am I will set all the listings live and let you know on Facebook and Instagram that they're up (in case you forget) but you can always set a reminder and just head over to the shop at 10am. I'll send everything out by Tuesday so you can have it on Wednesday to cosy up ready for December.

Phew! I'm a bit excited, how about you? I best get back to some knitting so I'll leave it there and hopefully see you on Friday,

Take care,

L x