Celebrations and Giveaways!

Hi There!

Hope you've had a fab week, we're gearing up to go on holiday so I'm getting both increasingly excited about an adventure and increasingly panicked about the huge to do list I need to complete before we leave. However, before we go I have some big plans...


 About last night..

...Something extremely wonderful and rather bonkers happened last night and I couldn't wait to share it with you - Notonthehightstreet.com posted all about my work on their Instagram stories and then posted a time-lapse video of me knitting on their main feed... needless to say my Instagram when MENTAL and it pushed me over the 25k followers milestone! (WHAT?!) 


Thank you 

I honestly can't believe that that many people can see the pictures I post and although I 100% know it's 'not about the numbers', it really is about the community. I've made so many friends on social media and the support I get from there is just overwhelming. Every person choosing to follow me on social media is effectively deciding to join me on this (searches for any other word...) 'Journey' and that is both flattering and humbling at the same time. Thanks to your support, comments, orders and likes I'm able to do something I love every day and I am so so appreciative. So I promise, I'm not feeling pleased for 'hitting a target', I'm feeling so very grateful that I'm allowed to do this and share it with so many beautiful humans on a daily basis, who actually seem to enjoy it. And I can't tell you how much that means to me. 


No really, Thank you!

But you don't say thank you without a gift right? O'course not! So I have a BIG giveaway planned. As we're special friends I'll let you in on the secret and tell you that it's going to go live over on Instagram on Friday (eeeep!) AND it's not just me giving something away, I've roped in another A-MAZING small business friend! I know I say it all the time but...I'm so excited! (So much so, I wish I could win this one!)


How I celebrate (with a sugar overdose) 

The anticipation for the giveaway is almost killing me but in the mean time you know how i'm always wanting to acknowledge an achievement - partly thanks to my dramatic tendencies, i'm sure. Well I celebrated this one by baking a cake and used this amazing recipe by Anges de Sucre who make it look so easy to create the drippy bits, clearly mine was a huge fail but that just makes me love it more (if I ever actually need a cake I definitely won't be making it myself, let's just say, there's are masterpieces!) . Then of course, I had a special cake topper made by lovely Sophia Victoria Joy and I stood by my balloon arch (...The one I spent 4 hours making on Friday for a very casual BBQ we had) and smiled like a loon. Ahhh bliss! ...Be it BBQ's or online milestones, you can rely on me to go massively over the top for any occasion!

P.S Balloon arches are THE MOST FUN, it's impossible to feel grumpy when you're surrounded by a balloon construction, I highly recommend one just cuz' if you can spare a few hours of your life...no wonder my to do list is giving me palpitations now, look how I spend my time!

Lauren Aston Cake


Round Up

So that's me happy for another week, no angry emails and or small business woes, just pure gratitude and joy before I head off for my summer holidays.

There doesn't seem any other way to finish this post than with an Instagram round up of some of my fave pictures so here's a few. Thank you again all of my online and offline friends for your support, you help this frantic, uncoordinated and indecisive girl get through on a daily basis just by double tapping or leaving a heart-eyed-emoji to show solidarity... you're bloody great you are.  

Thank you and goodnight!

Thanks for joining me again, 

Take care,

L x