LAD Christmas Gift Guide

It's me again!

I swear I honestly don't know where the weeks are going and I can't quite believe it's blog day again! Things are going crazy here as per usual, and this really was going to be the first week that I didn't think I'd get a blog done - BUT I do love a challenge! So inbetween the 24/7 knitting, sewing and packaging I've done it! (admittedly with some help from Helen of The Creative Business Network who is keeping my life in order these days - Thank god for her) 

Anyhu, as I scroll through my social feeds late at night before I drift off, I like to make a mental list of all the things one might want to give or, (more importantly) receive as a Christmas gift this year.

And because I am oh so very generous and kind, (and possibly don't have the brain power for anything more complicated...) I thought I would share these with you incase you're also after ideas, if you, like I, are still frantically trying to find gifts, hopefully one of the below will tick the boxes... 

Happy Browsing!!


Elizabeth Arden White Tea Candle

I completely love Elizabeth Arden, and it's not just because they have (very kindly) ordered lots from me this year! They sent me a goodie bag - not as a bribe as a 'thank you'...after they ordered stockings from me, I really felt I wasn't the one to be thanked but obviously I took it! Their products are just gorgeous and this is no exception. I use their mascara and white tea fragrance daily ...and who doesn't love a candle?!

The scent is so good - I really could fill my house with these, and to be honest I might very well do that! They are so reasonably priced for the quality, so one of these would go down an utter treat this Christmas time. Why not treat yourself too?!

Also, FYI, I've got something exciting up my sleeve with EA coming soon so keep an eye out!

Elizabeth Arden White Tea Candle - £20

Lucy and Yak dungarees, Lauren Aston Designs

Lucy and Yak Dungarees

I don't think I've mentioned enough how much I love these dungarees!! If you follow my IG stories, you'll know that I wear and talk about nothing else at the moment (aside, maybe from the state of my hair) Seriously though, they are the comfiest item of clothing I own ( even better, I own a couple of pairs now so I can just rotate them each day)

They've got such a brilliant collection of products, their ethos is amazing and they are so lovely too - plus they only started out this year. I can't believe how incredible they are, I'm totally in awe...and very comfortable too ;)

There's no such thing as too many dungarees, right?! My favourite is The Original but there's loads to choose from - and different colours for every day of the week!

Lucy and Yak The Original Dungarees - £40

Also wonderful gifts -Ceramics by  Julia Davey , Notebooks by  Martha Brook , Cushions by  REW homeware  and artwork by  SowieSowies

Also wonderful gifts -Ceramics by Julia Davey, Notebooks by Martha Brook, Cushions by REW homeware and artwork by SowieSowies

Geo Mitchell Diffusers

I'll be honest with you - I never thought I was a diffuser girl but when I got this...Well, even Alex likes it and that speaks volumes! We move it round the house all the time feeling smug in our home that smells like a spa. 

The top can either be white or change colour (like a really relaxing disco) or you can stop it on any colour you like...or turn the light off completely. It's all very exciting I must say.

These will make such a lovely Christmas gift - a complete treat, and something you may not indulge in yourself. 

You can also choose which oils to use in your diffuser, and right now I could totally do with the 'De-Stress Naturally' blend - I'll take a dozen!

Geo Mitchell Diffusers - £65

Naked Marshmallow Gin

The Naked Marshmallow Co.

You wouldn't go wrong buying those loved ones in your life anything from The Naked Marshmallow Company, I can verify that these are the tastiest marshmallows I have ever eaten! (and I've eaten many, many marshmallows...!)

If you're not sure which flavour to go for (and there are a LOT!) then why not choose a bundle - it means you save ££ and you can try out loads of different ones!

Me, personally, well I would love to get a bottle of the Vanilla Bean Marshmallow Gin in my stocking this year - I promise I've been good!

Vanilla Bean Marshmallow Gin - £32


Katy Pillinger Designs

I love Katy Pillinger's work so much, that I'm including her again in my gift guide this year, even though I shared her in last year's blog too - it's because she really is such a brilliant illustrator, genius designer and all-round lovely person (how is it possible that we've never even met in the flesh?!!) 

If Katy is anything like me, her stock levels will be quite low at the moment, but checking out her Etsy shop she's got plenty of card packs, tote bags, some fab pins and also this delightful wall calendar, which surely is a must for everyone's studio/office?!

Go take a look and say I said Hi!! xx

Katy Pillinger Designs 2018 Wall Planner - £12

Letterboard Letters by Me

Letters by Me Letterboard

I've mentioned these a few times in my IG lately - I got my fab grey board a few weeks ago and it is taking pride of place in my studio - you might have even spotted some of the secret messages I've been leaving on it if you watch my stories... (they change depending on my mood but are generally mildly abusive)

I've chosen a gorgeous grey one with a stand - and oh my goodness the letters come in a brilliant little bag just like scrabble! But they also have a fab pink one too. They would make SUCH a good Christmas gift. It's the kind of thing you don't know you need until you have it, then it's of the upmost importance... the hardest part if trying to think up worthy sayings to go on it.

Letters by Me Letterboard - from £30

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 15.11.17.png

Chupi Rings

Top of my wish list and has been for a while, a ring by gorgeous Chupi (who is an equally gorgeous person - her instastories are so enjoyable)

I can't even begin to describe how beautiful these rings are. Designed and Handmade in Ireland, they are truly stunning. Go and take a look and see if you can choose your favourite. I've got a few, including this one (pictured) *sigh - I can just see it on my finger now....

Chupi Rings - £various



So that's me done for another week - I'm going to get back to my knitting and leave you to choose all the delights I've just shared with you! 

And if you've got your eye on anything here, I wouldn't delay in ordering - it's getting real busy dontcha know?! It's as if it's Christmas of summat...

Happy Shopping!!

L x

P.S Forgot to mention - I also sell things if you like knitted stuff. I'm struggling for stock and time now but the book bundles, scarfs and CALENDARS are still available (might have over ordered on the calendars)