Chunky Knit Gifts

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Thanks for your INSANE response last week. I’d call the sale a success as all the ready made items sold out within 2 minutes! and the Giant Knit Kits were whizzing out all day, everything will be sent out ASAP (we’re just trying to squeeze it in amongst the other orders which are really flying in - THANK YOU!)

I can’t stay long today as there really is a lot to do in the studio but I’ve been getting a lot of lovely questions about what Chunky Knit gifts to buy so thought I’d throw it all into a blog for you. I’ve limited it to just a few classic gift ideas but there are loads more on the website both Ready Made and DIY projects, and my Gift Guide 2 weeks ago has lots of other small businesses if you want something else to go with your knits. I’ve split them here into Ready Made then DIY (with different levels of gifts ie stocking fillers to main presents) and then at the bottom are Kits in their level of difficulty so if you’re buying for a pro knitter or someone who’s never knit before. I hope it’s helpful!…

For my non-knitters

Stocking Fillers:

  • Pompom Decorations - a really thoughtful touch to get someones initial in the colours they’d prefer

  • Tree Topper/bottle Cosy - for a festive entertainer to top either their tree or their bottles with a santa hat cosy

  • Tassel Garland - All year round tactile loveliness, tassel garlands can be hung anywhere and come in a range of colours.

  • Santa Hat - The original Chunky Knit Santa hat, to really show off on the day and for years to come.

  • Knitted Crown - for the King or Queen of Christmas (and also the birthday royalty throughout the year)

Great Gifts

  • Wreath - A lovely festive gift which you can design yourself by choosing all the options (size, colour, bow, fairylight)

  • Rapunzel Scarf - Consider your recipients wardrobe and then choose from one of the 30+ colours for the ultimate cosy scarf

  • Chunky knit cushion - Our textured and tactile cushions bring year round joy and a pop of fabulous colour or beautiful neutral tones.

Main Present

  • Giant Knit Blanket - if you’re here to splash the cash then you know what they’re after. It’s a giant knit blanket for the win. Choose the colour, stitch and size to design them the perfect present.

  • Footstool - let them put their feet up by gifting a chunky knit footstool. Available in 4 colours this stylish pouffe is a fabulous cosy addition to a living room.

for the DIy huns

stocking fillers

  • Super Chunky Knits Book - With 35 patterns from my brain there’s sure to be something in the book to tickle their fancy!

  • Jumbo Needles - So much fun for a knitting fan who’s not yet tried big needles the Jumbo needles are perfect for whipping up Santa Hats and stockings (and loads of patterns in the book)

  • Super Chunky Yarn - There’s so much you can make with this dreamy 100% Merino wool yarn, and again, match it with the book and they’ll be away with heaps of patterns they can make straight away (although they might need needles)

  • Crown Kit - Who doesn’t want a crown for Christmas?! This fabulous kit comes with everything you need to make a crown and takes less than an hour to make so they can be wearing it in no time!

  • Pompom Kit - So much fun for all ages (although it does require sharp scissors in case you’re with little ones.) The pompom possibilities are endless, in fact I did a blog about it if you want some inspo.

Great Gifts

  • The Cardigan Kit - Our most popular kit and great for new-ish knitters, the cardigan is a beautiful and simple project to work on and is perfect year round for summer evenings and winter days.

  • The Jumper Kit - Cable knit heaven this jumper is easier than most think and makes such a lovely gift for for a knitting enthusiast

  • A Book Bundle - If you don’t want to get specific grab a book bundle to include a selection of yarns and patterns - there’s bound to be something they can whip up straight away!

  • Yarn Bundle - if you know they’ve got the patterns and needles no one ever complained about their Yarn Stash getting too big, it’s a surefire way to make a knitter happy.

Main Present

  • Giant Knitting - If you’re after a big gift, it doesn’t get bigger than Giant Knitting. Go for the Blanket Kit (i’d recommend 2kg or more so they can get a blanket out of it) or just stock up on supplies.

Based on ability

If you’re after a knit kit as a gift but you’re not sure what their knitting level is then fear not, I’ve broken it down into categories here. Choose the category you think applies and then pick the project you think they’d like best….

Never Knitted Before


Dabbled in a bit of knit


knows their knits

I hope that helps!

Fingers crossed that’s helped you choose, if you have any questions you can always email us and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Take Care Pals!
L x