Contemporary Craft Festival 2018

Oh my, 

What a weekend it was at the Contemporary Craft Festival (CCF) (I actually went on Thursday and Friday but let's bypass that) it was magical magical! I loved it and can't wait for next year already. You may remember, if you put yourself through reading my blogs on a regular basis, that it was actually the CCF I visited in 2014 that made me want to become a maker and inspired me to set up my business. The passion and joy in those tents shines through and I knew I needed to be part of it.  I couldn't be a bigger fan girl of this show, honestly.

So back to this year and it's time for the annual round up of some of my faves. It's always difficult to narrow it down because OMG SO MANY but here are just a few that I absolutely love... (click on any of the pictures to visit the makers websites)


Ken Eardley Ceramics

My word I love Ken's work so much. It's so wonderfully colourful and packed full of joy. I only bought one thing from the show this year (how disciplined am I?!) and it was one of Kens hanging plant pots.

Olive Rose Jewellery 

Gorgeous Emma runs Olive Rose and uses a victorian lace craft called Tatting which effectively knots the tread to make the most beautiful structures. She makes it so colourful and pretty I just love how delicate and intricate her work is...  


Kate Toms

Kate makes the most characterful felted creatures, from mice to people clothed and naked. They have heaps of personality and that's why I adore them... 


Some of my pals

I feel so honoured that I know some of the amazing makers that exhibit at the Contemporary Craft Festival on a personal level. Friends I've made since I moved to Devon in 2013 and many who I actually met for the first time when I visited in 2014 and decided I needed to start my business. I've shared dinner, laughs and/or tears with some of this crowd and can't believe how lucky I am to be in their club. Here's just a couple you probably know already that I've managed to edge my way in with, one way or another...


The insanely talented Marna Lunt, honestly - can you believe this level of talent is even possible? Marna is a total dream boat and so hilarious and friendly. She's such a treat.

A Collab with  Vinegar and Brown Paper  too, how very dreamy!

A Collab with Vinegar and Brown Paper too, how very dreamy!


The most amazing duo Rachael and Steve run Grace and Favour home. I'm always raving about them as I love them and their products so much. They are such a wonderful team and family (with their 2 lovely boys) whilst making epic and superb quality products....

The new collection colours!!! 

The new collection colours!!! 


The wonderful Kirsty is so much fun. I like to call her 'The Famous Kirsty Elson' as when I met her I was so very star struck. She has a wicked-cool style that translates so beautifully into her work which is quirky (I bet she hates that word) and so so imaginative & clever.  

I mean, really. How does she seeeee it?

I mean, really. How does she seeeee it?

So that's just a small sample of what was on offer. It really was brilliant and a total blast. I highly recommend a visit next year if you can make it - it's well worth a trip to Devon if you're not based here, and a great excuse to come down. You can see my favourites from last year and from 2015 on the blog (I don't know what happened to 2016!) 

Thanks for reading pals 

L x