Creating a Cosy Outdoor Space

Well, Hello!

Today's the day we leave for our summer holidays, in fact by the time this goes live we may be in the air! Although i'm beyond excited to go away (we're off to Canada for a friends wedding and then hiring an RV to drive from Calgary to Vancouver eeeeeek!) I was thinking about how much we've done lately to enjoy some summer evenings at home and it felt like the perfect time to share a little part of it with you...


Summer at Home

 Since we've been in our new house we've been working hard to make it feel like home. Most recently, due to the time of year, we've been focusing on the garden. I admit I've never taken much interest in 'traditional gardening' but when it came to creating a decking area for lounging about, that was right up my street! 


Here's what happened

So in mid-July, I called upon my DIY hero (my dad). You may remember that he was the building brain behind my loft conversion studio in our old house. He came down for the day with his cement mixer and knowledge and helped us install the foundations on a sunny Sunday afternoon. (Of course not wanting to be outshone by 2 men I got really stuck in and could barely move the next day but never mind, it's enthusiasm that counts here, right?) Once the foundations were in it was just a case of fixing the joists and attaching the decking boards which we managed over the next week whilst dodging downpours of rain.

Being a fab of both grey and wool the colour scheme came easy so before the boards went down I painted the shed in Cuprinol 'Silver Birch' grey. I used the sprayer which was good however be gets EVERYWHERE! I'm not even joking - there's still some on the dog. Then once it was all complete, I stained the deck with an 'oak effect' varnish. Finally, we were able to do all the good stuff aka buy the furniture and pot the plants.

Lauren Aston Garden Inso


The Vibe

We wanted the decking area to be a really cosy spot with an 'indoors, outdoor' feeling. The fact that the garden is quite small worked well because it added to the cosiness - although I'm sure a similar feel could be achieved in the corner of a larger garden it's about bringing it in and creating a smaller area that has homey touches.

For me, it was all about making it comfy with relaxed seating. Essentially all we did was go for an L shaped 'sofa' with lots of soft furnishings (what a surprise!) and plenty of candles and fairy lights. 

I'm still not completely finished as I'm still searching for the perfect outdoor rug and some hanging plant pots but sometimes you just need to get on with it don't you! So here's what our new decking area looks like so far; (all links below)

Lauren Aston Designs Garden
Lauren Aston Designs Garden inspo
A splash of Crimson for summer evenings <3 

A splash of Crimson for summer evenings <3 

what's what

Furniture set - John Lewis

Mugs - Qtique 

Festoon lights - Lights4fun

Copper lights - Dunelm mill

Assorted pots and plants - B&Q

Hanging lantern - The Ironbridge Gift Emporium

Copper lantern - Dunelm mill 

Large lantern - Nkuku

Floor Cushion & blankets - Me :)

Hanging plant pot holder - pattern available in my book


See you on the other side

Right, i'm off to have a holiday, I'm sure I'll be on Instagram whenever there's Wifi because that isn't work, it's too much fun! Stay tuned next week though as I have a special guest blog packed full of interior styling advice (I've already had a sneak peak and it's amazing... I want to redesign my entire house) 

Take care,

L x

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