Crowns All Round

Hello Team!

I hope you’re well! Should we just quickly talk about last week? …and how I was enjoying the Christmas/New Year Limbo so much I didn’t actually realise it was Wednesday (aka blog day) until about 10pm and by that point I was too drunk on chocolate and sofa surfing to care! I figured I’d start again this week so here we are. In an ideal world I would have got my act together last week as this post is still vaguely Christmassy but we’re all pals here so I reckon you’ll forgive me? ;)

The Vaguely Christmassy post

I posted this on my Intsagram stories last week so I do apologise if you’ve already seen it all but just in case I wanted to talk about my FAVOURITE part of Christmas and offer you a discount code (surely you’ll forgive me if there’s a discount code involved?!) This year what brought me joy was knitting special crowns for everyone on Christmas day. We wore these instead of cracker paper hats, I know lots of people made their own crackers this year - bit of wallpaper sample, a ‘snap’, a treat, and you’re done! I keep thinking how fun it would be to put knitted crowns in too!

Lauren Aston Crowns

Anyway! We were a party of 11 so I spent my days off knitting up crowns for us all, they take around 20-30 minutes each so I enjoyed some good TV time whilst whipping them up. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed choosing the colours for everyone. I screenshot the colour chart on my website and then wrote all over it to decide who was having which colour. I tried to choose colours that each recipient would like, aiming for colours that would suit each person’s personality and style and it was so satisfying seeing everyone open them!


too excited, too annoying

I tied each crown in twine, wrapped them in some tissue paper and then used a gold pen to write the recipients name on the outside (that way they could double up as a place setting too) I was incredibly annoying about it despite giving myself a pep talk in the car ‘just be CHILL Aston’ but I couldn’t help myself from dropping hints and asking “Oh, Oh Henry, what’s that little parcel on the table there? looks a bit special to me, what COULD it be?!” haha (For some reason I’m not invited back for Christmas next year ;p)

Lauren Aston Designs Knitted Crown

They went down a storm which made me gleefully happy, I know that quite a few of my lovely FB Knitting Group members did the same for their families and loved it to so I thought it would be a good time to share it with you in case you’d like to do the same, and you’ll have heaps of time to knit them up ready for next year :p

Of course Crowns aren’t just for Christmas! Birthday Crowns are one of my FAVES I love to do the same and choose a colour that would suit the Birthday King/Queen and knit them a special Crown to wear every year.


Hit up the discount

So there we have it - If you’d like to whip up a crown - or 20 there’s a 20% discount on them with the code ‘YASQUEEN’ valid until the end of the weekend (ends Midnight 13th Jan 2019). The response from when I popped it in IG was insane (thank you so much) so we’ve just finished getting those orders out the door. We’ll send these out as quickly as possible - we’re about 2 days processing orders at the moment since they’re flying in still and keeping us busy! - again, THANK YOU!

The ready made crowns are out of stock but my wonderful knitters are working on them and they should be here soon. If you’d like one - you can still order them and we’ll send them out ASAP.

— 20% Discount Code
Knit Kit - Chunky Knit Crown
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But is It hard?

So the big question - do you need to be a knitting ninja to tackle them?….absolutely not! They’re a great beginners knit. It’s ideal if you know the absolute basics and the crowns can teach you basic shaping but they’re also very doable if you’ve never knitted before. They’re a really quick project that will teach you loads of simple knitting techniques for you to carry onto other projects should you fancy.

One of my favourite things is hearing from customers who’ve absolutely nailed it so if you knit any LAD kits, do let me know so I can tell everyone how fab you are!

Lauren Aston Designs Knitted Crowns

I’ll leave you alone for now then, Thanks for stopping by and a Magical 2019 to you my loves. Can’t wait to see what we all achieve this year <3

Take Care,

L x