Do you like the new look?

Welcome to the new website! This weeks post is really just a ploy to get you snooping around because I've spent an obsessive 50 hours updating, editing and altering and I'd love to know your thoughts (please be gentle with me though!) 


It was a rather spontaneous rebranding that took even me by surprise! I've been working with a designer on the new yarn labels and we ended up talking fonts when I did some nosing on my favourite website; Creative Market and fell in love with a new font. I tried it on the old site but something just didn't feel right so I figured - go big of go home. 

Go Big or go home

The new site's similar to the old one and hopefully easy to use. I got over-excited on the homepage 'Index' and so you can scroll down for miles, I'm thinking of putting a discount code or care package at the bottom simply as a reward for anyone who has the patience and stamina to make it down there. There's all the same information as before, it's just had a makeover and a touch up. 

The main difference is the 'Shop' is now separated into 2 sections - Ready Made and DIY. Hopefully self explanatory - the Ready Made section is all finished products we've made in house and the DIY section is wool and kits for you to knit yourself. I'm quite excited about the divide, especially as all the new wool will be available soon and i'm working on more knit kits so that page should be filling up nicely in the next few months, making it much clearer for customers who are normally shopping for either Ready Made or DIY. 

If i’m waiting for perfection it’ll never go live...

There's still a few tweaks, it's a bit off kilt when viewed on a mobile and i'm sure some missing links but I was desperate to share it with you and I can't help but think, if I'm waiting for perfection it'll never go live! So I'm just going to get on with it, we're all friends here, i'm sure you'll forgive me if the 'click here' button doesn't work. 

I've popped a notes box below in case you have any (constructive) feedback, I'd love to hear it, if you think anything doesn't work well, if a page needs more colour or if somethings confusing I'll definitely take a look and try to improve it.  

So excited to share it with you (I think that's my slogan these days ...but I am!) Hope you like it! 

L x 

P.S Thank you to everyone who's replied to my Instagram story about Harry and his Cone Of Shame - he's OK, he's just got some anxiety problems since the house move and has been taking it out on his paws :( we're working really hard to make everything as easy and nice as possible for him so I'm sure we'll get there soon... in the mean time I just hope he learns how to walk without bumping his cone into everything because I feel so guilty laughing about it all the time! 

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