Etsy Giveaway

Ok, so full disclosure? For the first time ever, I completely spaced that today was Wednesday and forgot entirely about my blog until 5.30 this evening on the train. I know this doesn't bode well but the good news is I do have something interesting to write about (Yay and Phew!) but if there's typos and missed links then please go easy on me, I really can't type on my iPad and simply don't understand its attempts to autocorrect.

Anyway, here's the deal - A few weeks ago I was approached by the Etsy UK team who asked if I'd take part in their new campaign #DifferenceMakesUs, over on Instagram. The campaign is a celebration of what makes each and everyone of us so unique and wonderful. Our creativity and passions truly are a part of us and isn't that wonderful.


My love for knitting (especially on such a huge scale) is part of what defines me as a person, it's so integral to me. My passion for it has spurred me on to build my business and pushes me everyday to work hard. What started out as an afternoon spending quality time with my grandmother 15 years ago has become something I now consider to be a large part of my identity, and I couldn't be happier about it. (Plus, it's super soft and the colours are amazing)

So here's where you come ... I have a £25 Etsy gift card to give away, you can spend it anywhere on the site *cough have you seen my Etsy store? cough* (where's the winky face emoji when you need it to demonstrate how playful you are?) You need to be 18+ years old and be based in the UK.

To enter please head over to Instagram and on my recent post (the same image as above) and comment to tell me what hobby or passion makes you different? The giveaway will run from 14th - 19th September on Instagram (not here!)

I can't wait to hear about the difference that makes you and dish out the gift card next week.

Take care, 

L x

 *frantically scans for typos*